View Full Version : Shipping From UK to Barbados

LGW Vulture
17th Oct 2004, 21:09
Guys....will be glad of your help.

I have extremely good friends moving home from South Coast of the UK to Bridgetown, Barbados!

Any ideas on rates and quality of service for shipping furniture / personal effects?

Your help, greatly appreciated!


18th Oct 2004, 00:32
Not exactly the same, but it might give you some idea of price: I shipped 12 or 13 items (all boxes bar 1 large whiteboard) totalling ~5.0 cu m from Shetland to Orlando, FL for UKP500.00+ US$30.00 for US customs paperwork preparation. That was door-to-door cost.

18th Oct 2004, 09:36
Check your pm's LGW