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16th Oct 2004, 21:25
There is a lot of critisism of the police in Jet Blast from time to time, usually prompted by Speed Camera's (which I hate BTW). I just wanted to semi publically thank the Herts police.

About 2 hours ago, phnufflet and I were driving along a county lane about 4 miles from EGGW, when the car basically hit a really deep pothole (a missing drain cover) and got a puncture. 'Ok, no sweat, I'll change it' thought I. ' No way ' said the car,' you may have the nuts off, but the wheel stays stuck on'. Along comes a police car. One of the guys tries to free the wheel, no luck. I call the AA 'Oh, It'll be at least an hour' says the controller. Plod takes the phone and points out that there is a by now hysterical child and a car in a dangerous position and guess what, an hour becomes 20 mins (and well done AA, they hit the schedule) Meanwhile plod 1 & plod 2 entertain phnufflet in police car to the extent that hysterical child now wants to stay with policemen for the rest of their shift.

I could not have hoped to meet a great pair of guys - a credit to the badge they wear.

The Herts chief constable is gonna get pretty much the same letter next week.

I just wanted to tell people about them, thats all . . .

16th Oct 2004, 21:35
Nice to hear phnuff and hope the lil one is OK now... my personal view is that police folks are not much different as people now from any time in the past, just that the world they operate in is, for the most part, not filled with folks admiring of the upholding of the law but of those aiming to be hostile and to undermine what the police in their traditional role stand for ...

About two months ago I totally surprised a couple of police types walking a "beat" on the road past my apartment as I was coming home from work as I said "good evening" - they almost visibly jumped, smiled and said "good evening to you too"!!

I really think the meedja has a lot to answer for, making us all feel as if we are hostages in our own country!! :ok:

P.S. I accept that I might also be naive and wishfulthinking!! :)

16th Oct 2004, 21:57

Please check your PMs.


16th Oct 2004, 23:18
phnuff's post took me all the way back to what I perceived as better times...?! When Z Cars (I think that's what the TV series was called) was on the air. I like to think that PCs haven't changed since those days. But while I am basically a law-abiding person today, I would do my best to avoid having to be in direct contact with one these days. :confused: :{

17th Oct 2004, 03:29
Not too long ago I was toodling along a narrow country road and found four or five cars stopped in front of me. A small tree had fallen and blocked the way.

By the time I'd taken in the scene and decided to reverse to a turning and try another route, I was blocked in by cars behind me.

But never mind; polis to the rescue. They swerved to a halt on the other side of the tree, opened the boot, and produced a chain saw. Cor, brilliant, thunk I.

They hauled on the starting string. Nothing.

In spite of the persisting rain I and a couple of other drivers got out to offer moral support. But no matter what they did, the feds couldn't get their nice chainsaw motor to fire up.

Then a wizened ancient bloke got out of a taxi in the line, sauntered forwards, pulled the tree to one side, and kicked it into the ditch.

Polis chappies watched, gobstruck, saw in hand, as the convoy eased past them.

Happy days,

flying bizzie
17th Oct 2004, 10:50
They were obviously not members of the Special Branch!!

17th Oct 2004, 21:16
They were obviously not members of the Special Branch!!

Hmm, these guys were from the 'REAL' special branch. I actually spoke to them again today when I found them in the horse yard tea room stocking up on English Breakfast and Carrot Cake.

Human and with good food taste too