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16th Oct 2004, 09:44
Did anyone else see last nights Later?

As usual a nice eclectic mix. Bit too much of Robbie and not enough of Nellie McKay. I'm not really in to Green Day etc but they were pretty impressive and the singer is great with the way he can articulate the lyrics and his timing etc. Very impressed.

I think Green Day did 3 songs but can only remember "American Idiot" and "Basket Case". Anyone remember the third?



Capn Notarious
16th Oct 2004, 11:45
Tis a fine prog. The sound crew must have a task and half. I'd like to know how many individual signals have to be mixed?

16th Oct 2004, 11:57
I'd like to know how many individual signals have to be mixed?

They use a monstrous 128-input digital Calrec console for the task. I read an article about it recently, but can't remember whether it was on the 'web or print.

Try a scan at Sound-on-Sound magazine's website, after 3 months they put articles on line, or maybe a Google string could provide info. If I can find a link in the meantime I'll post it here.

16th Oct 2004, 15:26

The other song they played was "Boulevard Of Broken Dreams"-fantastic song.

I missed the other two so hoping it is repeated sometime soon.

Oh, and Robbie Williams=:mad:

16th Oct 2004, 15:50
Realise I'm probably gonna sound a right snob now but having watched the first ever 'Later With...' over ten years ago I must express sadness at what the show has become. Remember Jools doing a press conference about the show back then and he expressed huge pride in the fact the studio was half empty, backdrops and lighting were banned and that the whole affair was a back to basics exercise ala 'The Old Grey Whistle Test'.

Pan forward to 2004 and what do we see......?

It has gone the way of most music shows. Granted, we still get the odd obscure artist appearing but on the whole the show is a load of trendy twaddle. If you're a ligger and a 'face' in entertainment then you're not worth your weight in 'Z' lists unless you show your face amongst the masses at that studio.

Added to the fact that Joolsybaby won't allow the Stranglers to appear because their bass player had a 'set-to' with him once and VFE is pretty disheartened by it all especially when Robbie Williams gets on?! He should be shredding girlies knickers with his teeth down at Knebworth.

The show has sold out. There. Said it.


16th Oct 2004, 17:01



I do agree that some of the lighting and effects rather dilutes the format. That is why I thought Nellie McKay was impressive. Young Lady + Piano is pretty basic but it was probably the most accomplished of all the performances.


16th Oct 2004, 19:52
So, JJB 1, Jools 0.

I didny know about that.
He he ,

Jools is a bit of a girl (with an ego that probably needs a 128 channel desk all of its own). It is a good show though.

BTW, has anyone watched any of the Bands Reunited shows on one of the cable channels. The whole of Squeeze were gonna reform for 1 gig but didnt because Jools' ego prevented him doing it because he would not have been the centre of attention.

surely not
16th Oct 2004, 20:01
I agree, it is the best music show on terrestrial television by a long way. I don't think the backdrops are too 'in yer face' yet, though they are significantly more obvious than in the olden days.

Green Day impressed me and I shall be looking to buy their CD, and I thought Elvis Costello was pretty good as well.

Mooney Suzuki were also good on the Jonathan Ross show.

23rd Oct 2004, 09:46
Another fine show last night.

Impressed with the confidence of the lass from St Andrews, KT Tunstall. Jackson Browne's two songs provided the show with a bit of balance.

I'm not normally into the Anita Baker type sound but loved the singing at the piano bit and her band was very tight and impressive.

Again haven't really been a huge fan of the Cure, yet last night the three songs sounded really good.

Keep it coming, Jools.


23rd Oct 2004, 09:48
Anyone know anything about KT Tunstall? That was a mighty impressive piece of music making, recording loops as she played them. I'd pay to go & see that.:ok:

Well done for being converted Deep C. Anita Baker was always a bit of quality. Check out Rapture, a classic soul album.

23rd Oct 2004, 10:44
The Later sets are hardly ostentatious, just simple back lighting and some basic graphics....not exactly full-on Pink Floyd efforts are they? I don't think they take anything away from the Later ethos of it being "all about the music".

As far as I know there aren't any other TV shows which bring together such eclectic mixes of talented musicians, whilst stripping away all the BS hype and asking them to play in front of their peers - and mostly this seems to bring out the very best in them. Even those artists who I wouldn't normally choose to listen to can sound top class on Later.

Fantastic music show IMHO and long may it last. :ok:


Here\'s KT Tunstall\'s website:




23rd Oct 2004, 15:33
Quite agree X-QUORK. Having just gone back to watching Later after many year's absence, last nights was a jem. Cure brill, as was Jackson Brown and Anita Baker. KT just stunning and the "new boys" (well new to me) did their sets admirably.

Rushy - who remembers Colour Me Pop & the Whistle Test with fondness.

23rd Oct 2004, 18:13
Watching last night's show I was thinking about our criticism of the lighting and effects. Last nights show was fine and I hopw it stays at that sort of level/complexity throughout the series.

KT Tunstall certainly has talent. Very good feel for the rhythm.


23rd Oct 2004, 19:08
It's the hipster-jeaned adorned trendies resplendant around the perimeter that causes the issue for me. See, if you're trying to perform unadulterated music, free from the constraints which a fashion consciousness imposes, you cannot possibly do this to the best of your ability whilst trying to wiggle your ass in the vain hope of impressing the women...... or men that spectate. Simple really.

Another part that annoys me is that half of those above mentioned spectators probably wouldn't have a clue about good music without the visual aspect being involved. They probably wouldn't have any interest in being there had their sister not luncheoned with some suit who managed to lay his hands on a ticket which he didn't want and had no problem with giving away in order to impress his girlfriends younger sister who has decided that this week, like, she's loved world music all along......


30th Oct 2004, 15:09
I though last nights show was quite tame compared to the previous couple. The highlight for me was Brendan Power playing the Harmonica. That is some talent.

I'm not a big fan of the Manics and Kings of Leon didn't impress me much.


31st Oct 2004, 00:48
Would you believe it? The November 11th programme see's ex-Stranglers frontman Hugh Cornwell appearing to talk about his new book and to play some songs from his new album 'Beyond Elysian Fields'. :D


31st Oct 2004, 17:54
I agree with you DeepC that Friday's show wasn't a classic....the Manics just aren't what they used to be, although I did enjoy the Kings of Leon (one of those bands who seem to show signs of genius, but haven't quite got there yet).

I thought Nick Cave was good too, but then I've just bought the album and am familiar with the songs. His lyrics are the dog's knackers, but he's not always that easy on the ear....a bit like Leonard Cohen I suppose, not everyone's bag.