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Bob the blacksmith
16th Oct 2004, 02:57
What fun and games did you indulge in while at school?
Cling film over the porcelain, teachers car carried onto the roof, having a dump in somebodies desk, stink bombs carefully placed under teachers chair, kipper skins behind the radiator?
I was a good boy me, never got caught doing anything wrong.

16th Oct 2004, 03:07
30 volts AC through the radiator in the physics lab used to light up the urinal across the hall just nicely. You had to time it properly, because the breaker tripped after about thirty seconds.

Onan the Clumsy
16th Oct 2004, 03:33
My school was all boys until the year I joined (No I wasn't the first girl :rolleyes: ) Obviously there were some new plumbing and changing room arrangements that needed to be made but the young ladies soon settled in quite well.

Anyway, somebody told me that if you went under the stage, on the back wall you'd see two big grey rectangles. These were supposedly the back of the storage heaters installed to heat the new girls' changing room. Apparently, if you removed the service panel you could see right through.

Well, The Land Under The Stage was not foreign soil to me, so one lunchtime, I slipped down there to see if I could find the legendary rectangles. I negotiated my way through hanging nets, squeaking bats and a mishmash of ancient sports equipment, then like a mystery unfolding before me, I saw the rectangles of legend.

It was a little like the scene with the obelisk in a Space Oddysey. Quickly I grasped the corner and with superhuman effort, the veins (in my temple) throbbing with effort I was ab le to remove the service panel.

I heard music, whistful fairy pipes, I peered through and the sun rose on a strange landscape.

It was true. The story was more than a story. That old man I had met in that dockside tavern had been telling the truth after all. I steeled myself and peered at the wonderland unfolding before all three of my juvenile and curious eyes.

It was lunchtime, so there was no naked flesh, no saphic rights of passage taking place, no young boys held prisonner for eternity, mostly against their will until their energy ran out and they were sacraficed cruelly and another captured. Ther was but one clue, but it was enough. A strange female raiment, which extensive research later revealed to be...a brassiere hung on a hook. No sign of its owner, but it was enough. Enough to confirm my wildest hopes and dreams. I had found the legendary Lost Changing Room of Girls.

Then it occured to me. What would I do if i were caught? How would I explain it? (beyond the obvious at least). This would be some serious trouble were I to be discovered. Even now, the master's hounds may be hot on my trail. How horrible would be my fate?

I quickly and quietly replaced the cover and retraced my footsteps, panic almost setting in as I disturbed an unknown and unseen creature in the undergrowth. I had to flee. I almost cried out. And then suddenly, I was back in the assembly hall. Everything was normal again. Had that world really existed?

As I have become an old and wrinkled man, I often cast my mind back to that time of youthful vigor and I ask Did I do the right thing? would trouble really have descended upon me like the dark of the darkest night and for a thousand thousand years and I can only reply...

"No you stupid [email protected] You'd have got yelled at and punished and all the (male) teachers would secretly have held you in high esteem. But were you to try it now..."

:{ :{ :{ :{

16th Oct 2004, 04:33
One we tried a couple of times at uni - worked very well if the victim was away for the weekend:

Poke hosepipe under the door and wet carpet
Poke drinking straw or similar under door, having filled with cress seeds, blow hard
Laugh when victim opens door to find a salad garnish growing out of their floor.


Itching powder added to washing powder...


Swapping hot/cold tap markings (esp if it was for the shower - how they scream)

16th Oct 2004, 05:42
There are some good ones here (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=138299&highlight=%2Aet+balloon)

simon brown
17th Oct 2004, 20:00
Turning the teachers car park, which was in incline in to a skating rink by pouring buckets of water on it the night before during a freeze up.The following morning everyone sliding and skidding about so the teachers couldnt park...The pain in the backside I felt later that afternoon had nothing to do with falling on my ar$e either.The judicious use of the size 9 pump administered by the games teacher whose MG slid into a bollard and scratched his wing was the source of the pain.This being entirely an "unofficial" punishment of course. However I did point out his driving too fast was the route cause of the problem as the other 50 teachers had managed to park ok but hey they didnt have the new tasty hockey teacher to impress did they...further pain was induced at that point. Just as well it was the games master as this had no effect on my "academic " achievements as it were.However our cat eating my Engineering teacher's kids gerbils may have influenced my grade somewhat

17th Oct 2004, 20:16
Onan's tale reminds me. One school I attended was co-ed, with a Boys' School and a Girls' School across the street. Classes, though, were held together in one or the other building as convenient. In the basement of the Girls' School was a boiler, a boiler-man, and to bring it all into one, a boiler-room. The boiler-man used to hold court at lunch time, to which would repair the more farouche members of our little world, there to indulge Socratic dialogue and the occasional Woodbine or Players' Weights. Oh the excitement. One could sin so economically of effort and money in those innocent days.

One lad, not I, was casting about in the boiler-room and came on what appeared to be a ventilation duct, large enough to admit his person. He set off along it on an exploration, much as in those robbing-a-bank or robbing-a-museum movies.

He came to a grille in the wall, serving its humble but intended purpose of ventilation. This grille was evidently set low in the wall of a room, and that room dedicated to the relaxation of the more senior girls. On the other side of the grille, very close, was a pair of trim female ankles, one might infer of a maiden engaged in brushing her hair before a mirror higher up.

Our man was inclined more to action than reflection, and he indulged his nature. Shooting his wrists through the grille he grabbed the ankles, to the musical accompaniment of a loud
"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!", the latter augmented by the boom-box or sound-chamber effect of the duct.

This was fifty years ago. The girl's parents are long passed away, but her siblings remain and they still, against probability, entertain hopes that the lass will be released from the mental institution.

The chap was beaten, but it probably made little difference. He was not really a fast learner and anyway he too is dead now.

18th Oct 2004, 12:57
I think it's about time this (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=48117) got another airing - one of my favourite ever Pprune posts! :ok: