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15th Oct 2004, 17:00
Has anyone else noticed a faction of the population who believe the best place to plan the next thing to do, or chat with a mate, or answer the telephone, or rearrange the many bags they are carrying is in a doorway. Failing the close proximity of a doorway then it will be between two shopping trolleys in the super market aisle or in the narrow gap between two tables , or chairs or any other pinch point thus inhibiting free flow of traffic.

Does anyone know why they do it?

15th Oct 2004, 17:05

Always thought they did it specifically to annoy me. Seems like I'm not the only one . . .

Top of an escalator is another favourite spot for them. Somehow they always react as if you've been terribly rude when you ask them to get out of the f*cking gangway. As if standing in everyone's way is really polite ? ? ?

15th Oct 2004, 17:23
It seems to happen a lot when people walk into a shop, regardless of how many times before they've been in it.

It often baffles me why people can't stand to one side if they want to hold a conversation in the street

15th Oct 2004, 17:38
Maybe they're so feeble minded, they can't remember if they were going in, or going out of the room, so they will wait in the doorway until they can make up their mind.


tony draper
15th Oct 2004, 17:59
What annoys me mostis that the rest of the human race appears to walk at about half the speed I do, Saturday in Newcastle shopping streets bears this out,one spends most of the time elbowing folks out of my way and thrusting through clumps of em.

15th Oct 2004, 18:11
I stop in doorways.

I also slow my car down to a crawl in single lanes as if looking for a street address, then inexplicably speed up again... for a random distance, then do it again.

Another good place for this sort of thing is the aisle of an airliner. Try stopping everyone while you load all your crap in the overhead locker, then dig in one of the bags for a while, pat your poskets, take off jacket, pull out your book, diary, laptop, arrange them all on the seat, etc. Works best if you're sitting in Row 1 or 2.

I used to be annoyed by these things. Then I tried doing them to others and found it is less annoying to me now that I

Boss Raptor
15th Oct 2004, 18:19
Standing in a gaggle having a chat in the aisle of a supermarket - usually old people

Standing/walking at slow speed 2 or more abreast spread out across a pavement on a busy road/high street - again usually old people

Cutting across you at the last minute just as you move to their side to overtake in the above scenario - again usually old people

Out of control brats ambling along or hurtling towards you at collision vector along said supermarket aisle or pavement - foot out, trip up, leave brat screaming and refocus said brats minder to controlling their charge

Those who take for ever to collect their shopping, put their wallet/purse away at the checkout and get clear - it's alright I've got all day - again usually old people

Oh yep as mentioned - those who stop in the middle of the aircraft aisle and take for ever to get their case in - usually old people and/or obese people u cant get past - god forbid an emergency evac! :E

15th Oct 2004, 18:56
The old people are just suffering from Oldtimers Disease - it's when you realise that life and friends are more important than shopping.

15th Oct 2004, 19:16
I walk behind the big fella whenever we're walking on a crowded footpath. I had observed that every one gets out of his way. He's +100kg and 6'4" so most folks just get out of his way :D

15th Oct 2004, 19:35
Another good one is to stop at the top of a stairway, like in a shopping centre, or at the top of the escalator and dig around for your mobile phone...

(followed by a loud conversation about your shares or something, while you ignore the indignant looks....)

Nick Riviera
15th Oct 2004, 19:49
The worst for me are the people on train or tube who crowd to get on at the station and hinder the people getting off. Was on a train yesterday when a guy jumped on with a huge suitcase as soon as the door opened, totally blocking the exit for a woman with a pushchair and second child in tow who was getting off. When I mentioned to him that he might like to wait for us all to exit the train he gave me a look that suggested I was some kind of idiot. I made sure he got a good dig in the ribs as I helped the woman get her pushchair through the tiny gap. Do people not understand that they have to let people off first? Boils my blood, I tell you.

15th Oct 2004, 19:51
yeah, that reminds me.... I also like to push into an elevator before the people inside have a chance to get out.

15th Oct 2004, 21:08
How about behaviour in car parks? Usually Micra/ Corsa drivers who dawdle up ramps then stop at each floor to peer for about 30 seconds at what is obviously a full level before reluctantly moving on to the next to repeat the performance, completely ignoring the green arrow pointing upwards with the word SPACES flashing away.

When it comes to leave, these are the same idiots who queue at the paying station (what tw*t invented that term?) en famille, and then fish about for change when it`s their turn.

15th Oct 2004, 21:38
Always, always let down by the driving performance of any person of any sexuality, race, colour or creed wearing a hat whilst driving.

They seem to have no road sense.

Usually turns out to be a Chav, someone who last took an eyetest in 1948, someone unfamiliar with the driving regulations of this country, Boy George or some sort of Royal cavalcade.

Bloody hatted drivers - avoid! Why wear a hat when driving anyway?

15th Oct 2004, 22:10
Can we officially hi-jack this thread to make it pet peeves and annoyances? :E

15th Oct 2004, 22:17
I also dislike people wearing hats standing in doorways :E

15th Oct 2004, 22:52
I think in the UK (maybe other places too?)it's a weird generic thing passed down through generations, and manifests itself as people with absolutely no spatial awareness, awareness other people actually exist at all, and no common-sense.
The not letting people off a train before getting on makes we want to punch them, especially when they just stand there in everyone's way looking gormless.

16th Oct 2004, 01:46
Hey there is a sound scientific basis for people stopping in doorways; it is a function of the wave/partical duality of matter. ALL matter passing through a gap is diffracted, even if to an a tiny degree. The matter (person) is literally not exactly the same person before they got to the 'grating' (doorway). Perhaps this messes with a few synaptic nerve connections in the old grey matter, leading to dithering/IQ failure/general wretchedness?

OK, granted this sounds all a bit random, but get it checked out with your local Boffin/bloke-down-the-pub and you will see that it is true.....

Oh the sadness!!
Flug :8 :sad:

16th Oct 2004, 02:04
It's enough to drive one to carpet biting, incendiary fury as Mr. Draper would say. Yes, people always choose the narrowest spot to park their trolley, have their conversation or attend to their children even if there is a clear space nearby where no disruption would be caused.

I think it's one of those immutable laws of the universe.


16th Oct 2004, 02:14
Most Remembered Doorway to Stand In

First time standing in a particular doorway.

"Am I absolutely certain that I hooked up the static line for the parachute?"

16th Oct 2004, 02:20
As always, Mr. Draper sums it up with his voice of reason.

Spot on.

I think a Grumpy Old Men thread should be started.

Trouble is, I suspect it would blow the PPRuNe server !

Happy grumbling.

16th Oct 2004, 09:07
The other one I can't fathom is when a lot of people get on an emtry tube train. Usually I find myself second to get on. Person number 1 in front of me decides to sit in seat one but cannot just sit down and allow me into the next empty seat. They have to fuss and rearrange their coat bags etc to make sure it doesn't crease. Meanwhile all I can do is politely stand and watch the crowd of people filling all of the seats from the other direction. Happens every time.

Why don't they sit in the middle?

tony draper
16th Oct 2004, 09:40
Servicing the platform CCTV cameras on the metro system used to be fraught with danger, said cameras were suspended from the ceiling about six foot back from platfom edge and could be got to of a set of steps, trouble is the trains kept coming in, and it was necessary to have at least three bodies standing round and holding on to said steps when one was up em ,because yer comuters would march out the doors in the fashion of zombies,heads rigid with the afore mentioned thousand yard fixed stare and just barge in and through anything in their way.

Feeton Terrafirma
16th Oct 2004, 09:56
When the isle at the supermarket is blocked I find it is usually 2 fat women talking.

When the doorway to a shop is blocked I find it is usually 2 fat women talking.

When the driveway to the service station is blocked I find that it is usually 2 fat women (in their cars) talking.

The other day in the supermarket when I tried to pass 2 fat women talking in the isle I was told I was rude, I replied, madam I am rude when I choose to be, whereas you are fat all the time. Her mouth fell open so far you could have parked a truck in there.

I felt so happy after that :D

16th Oct 2004, 11:05
What about the people who get on a bus, and despite there being rows of empty seats, decide to stand in the narrowest part of the aisle just behind the driver, so that everyone else getting on the bus has to squeeze past them.
They usually lean over so their arse sticks out further into the aisle. Or they'll have large backpacks they don't bother taking off.

Capn Notarious
16th Oct 2004, 11:54
I extoll the words of Feeton Terrafirma. An exellent one liner and with permission may I use it?
Another meeting place of the fat and pathway blockers is outside schools. Double parking and all that. A big red fire engine should be avaliable to chivvy these peeps along: in addition to the $100 dollar pound fine that should be paid inside 48 hours.

16th Oct 2004, 12:47
Things that annoy me:

1) Everything mentioned on this thread so far :suspect:

2) Strings of foreign students that link together arm in arm across the street in front of you - up to 20 or 30 of them at a time. A particular hazard of university towns where there are plenty of English language schools and/or exchange students.

3) People that park across the entrance of my driveway.

4) People that consistently drive at 40 through all the 30 and 60 zones on my long, twisty road to work, upon which it is virtually impossible to overtake.

5) Mothers who think that it is their God-given right to occupy an entire pavement with their pushchair, pushing everyone else onto the road, even when the width of the pavement would comfortably accomodate two or three people...

:mad: to the lot of 'em!

Sailor Vee
16th Oct 2004, 12:53
The ones that really p1$$ me off are those that abandon their trollies and then walk to the next aisle to get a product! There are loads of them here, invariably blocking all aisles, and then they have the bleedin' nerve to complain when it happens to them!:*

16th Oct 2004, 13:20
And what is with people who stop at the bottom of esculators? You can just imagine their thinking...

"Hmm... i've done it in a doorway, and a pavement, and the entrance to a drive way, where else can I effectively block people? Ah yes... an esculator...they'll be forced to go into the back of me then!"

Chances are it's the 2 fat women.

Feeton Terrafirma
16th Oct 2004, 13:31
do I need to mention I hate being PC for the sake of it?

Mr Notarious, you have my permission to use that phrase as you see fit.

16th Oct 2004, 13:42
There are the escalator trick, and the shopping trolley trick, and then there is the airport escalator AND shopping (or baggage) trolley trick. Here's how it goes:
(1) In defiance of the posted signs, the trickster takes the baggage trolley on to the narrow UP escalator;
(2) You enter the escalator;
(3) At or near the top, the trickster decides to release the baggage trolley;
(4) You are lower down;
(5) The baggage trolley gathers speed;
(6) Confined by the sides of the escalator, you cannot escape and await your Fate;
(7) The baggage trolley hits you, to the effusion of blood.

It happened to me. My, how I laughed.

16th Oct 2004, 13:52
18greens, have you noticed that there is a faction of the animal world that also have this same problem?

My cat used to do it all the time and now 2 our of my 3 dogs insist on lying around in the doorways. The thing is - it is worse with them they are not chatting or anything. In fact I think they do it to deliberately to annoy us. They don't even pretend that they have a valid reason for totally disregarding their owners and their need to move freely around the house.

I am thinking of getting rid of the doorways - that'll learn em.

Futurshox - gotta agree with you there about the mothers with prams. I think , they think - oh I can make life - I can do whatever I want.

And while we are getting all this baggage out - my peeve from many years ago was from catching the train; I used to get on the one of the first stops on the train and I would be the only one on the carriage. The next person that would get in the train , would often sit right in front of me, when the rest of the carriage was totally empty. I mean what the hell is that about? Same when you go to the movies and it is near empy - but no, people insist on sitting right in front of you. One day I got up with my partner and we went and sat right in front of them :ok:

16th Oct 2004, 14:30
A thread up my street!!

I first worked in London in the 70s, in those days people queued for buses, stood back to side of tube doors to let folks off first, held bags/briefcases in hand and put them at feet when standing on public transport.

Nowadays, maybe a consequence of the changing population and the way life is lived generally, but people stand around bus-stops and hurl themselves at the door instead of queuing, when I stand to one side to let folks off the tube I am overtaken by new arrivals who barge straight on and... the &*%$ onset of BACKPACKS now means that one is bashed in the face, unable to stand straight and generally squished by some alleged fitness freak with their Fitness First or corporate backpack which, clearly once on can only be removed surgically, who insists on twisting and turning and hitting everyone in radius (of course this ensures them a good circle of personal space to the detriment of all around!).

Also, what ever happened to the idea of "rush hours" when non commuting types couldn't travel and thereby couldn't pinch the seats of those who by virtue of daily travel are paying a fortune to the transportation companies for the privilege of standing while those who pay a day return fare can grab a seat!! grrrrrrrrrr

Oh and given that the average size in the UK at least is now taller and broader (even slim folks are) than 20 years or more ago is it that seats on trains, tubes and buses are narrower and smaller with less leg room than before?

Geesh ... gotta take hound for a walk to calm down (and no I won't get riled by folks who don't pick up poop hehehehe) :ok:

tony draper
16th Oct 2004, 15:14
Its all these dammed foreigners Broken, they don't know how to form a proper queue like English peeps,one does't mind queues, theres something of the natural English fairness demonstrated in queues, except when the person at the front starts giving their life story to the person serving, or when a old lady of the Mk 4 or Mk 5 variety is at the front, then the red mist begins to rise,

16th Oct 2004, 15:54
Drapes your Time Machine has stopped. Your England doesn't exist in any of the cities I night stop in anyway. And more's the pity.

Pet peeve. I always sit in the "Quiet Zone" carriage on the Airport Express train. Usually with a bunch of work related papers and SEP ammendments; stuff that needs time and concentration.
In come the parents with 3 kids, the chattering couple, the businessman bleating on his mobile. At TOP volume.
However politely I phrase the fact that the "Quiet Zone" might not be the place to sit for them, I invariably get the foullest of looks before they vacate. The sulking, sighing, muttering of endearments under their breath is the price I have to pay for an hour of quiet time.
20 normal carriages, 2 quiet ones.
WTF? :rolleyes:

tony draper
16th Oct 2004, 16:09
Not so Mamsan Flappy, one stood in two queues here just yesterday, one at the post office, said post office has four serving windows the front of the queue split perfectly as each window became available, another at the bakers, each person waited patiently in their rightfull place and time to purchase chicken and mushroom pies ect, the occasional murmer of disquite could be heard as the pies on the tray got fewer and fewer,never the less, not a soul broke queue disipline none paniced at the thought of returning home pieless or attempted to rush the front to aquire the coverted pie.
You see what makes us English the most civilised of races is the queuing gene we have one on each cromasome, tiz on both X and Y so each sex has it.


16th Oct 2004, 16:18
Ah, the english obsession with forming a queue.

You guys will do it randomly anywhere. Trafalga Sqaure has lines of English people queueing to see a pigeon.

(And the tourists pushing in, not waiting their turn)

Boss Raptor
16th Oct 2004, 16:32
'Tis true us Brits would queue to go 'over the top' or to our execution if told to do so - but that's what makes us so different to the rest of the heathens...at least that's what the Russians keep telling me...I like old Britain, living in a town 30 years behind the time came be a pain in the bum but it is where the shopkeepers still talk to you and people you vaguely remember still greet you in the street (unlike London) I will personally regret its' passing...when I will finally leave never to come back :hmm:

Capn Notarious
16th Oct 2004, 17:23
If peeps were trained like flight attendents. Aisles would be cleared smartly. Maybe one loo on a plane should have an airlock and door for the ejection of the rude pax.........

Jerricho a word.
Some of us are Gentlemen and others Ladies.
Guys is a foreign title.

simon brown
16th Oct 2004, 18:02
I was at a trade show recently ( yawn) where there were 2 tills one of which had a long queue for hot drinks and at the other was stood two people for cold drinks , so i thought i'm not joining the long queue sheep fashion so I joined the short one for a cold one. So the person in front of me leaves and the person at the head of the other queue tried to put himself between me and the counter, bearing in mind theres a fag packets distance between me and the counter and shouts his order out by which time ive placed mine already. He gets all snotty and says ive pushed in. The cashier says no I havent and if your stupid enough to stand in the longest queue sheep fashion thats your fault. She asked what he wanted again...no you cant have that, the other queue is for hot drinks and youve just lost your place....

It seems a British thing although standards have dropped immensely. People no longer for a queue for a bus allowing people to pass by on the pavement, todays attitude is to form a sort of rugby scrum on the pavement at the pinch point thereby forcing passers by with shopping/kids/swag etc to step into the road.And if its wet then we have to play British brolly roulette, the taller person raising their brolly to let the shorter through with everyone apologising to each other for just being there. If the QM2 went down, there would be none of this orderly Titanic type queing it would be like the winter sales at Harrods

The only time i ever see an orderly queue is checking in at an airport, although invariably at the head of the queue is a shell suit and burberry cap complaining that no one told them they had to have photographic ID even though it says so on the ticket booking form

Rwy in Sight
16th Oct 2004, 20:06
Queing is fine provided the line moves quickly and you don't have a person holding it - the point drapes made comes to mind.

What is annoying and need to be corrected by agressive pushing of the outgoing pax on trains is the barrage of people trying to get in faster.

Rwy in Sight

Bally Heck
17th Oct 2004, 05:28
Bally's Law of Corridors:

In a corridor, any group of people will expand laterally to fill the width of the corridor.

If this law is integrated with Sod's Law (Murphy's to the Colonials)

((U+C+I) x (10-S))/20 x A x 1/(1-sin(F/10))

You will see that the effect of Bally's Law of Corridors increases proportionally with the urgency of the requirement to be somewhere at the end of the corridor quickly (U) and the importance of being there NOW (I)

The effect reduces as one's skill (S) at "barging through" increases although this can never reduce to zero without breaching the fundamental laws of physics.

17th Oct 2004, 11:43
Guys is a foreign title

Well, I am a foreigner ;)

17th Oct 2004, 15:48
how about this one...

waiting in line at the cashier... and instead of just the mom or dad waiting in line to pay, the whole family with 10 kids, grandparents, etc. are in line, too!!

oh do I hate those back-packs inside buses or crowded trains......


P.S. also agree with all of the above :p

17th Oct 2004, 17:52
Well, I am a foreigner I'm not.

At the gym I use the weights then leave them laying around the floor instead of returning them to the racks.

Also, I "rest" on the machines for ages in between.

17th Oct 2004, 21:30
And who is the one who doesn't put a towel over the equipment so that the next person has to slide about ?


18th Oct 2004, 02:13
Two peeves.....

Bloody women who, at any pay desk, start picking out coins from their purse to pay the bill. Takes for ever. Why can't they just do what us blokes do and hand over a note?

Bloody lottery tickets. All you want to do is to hand over a small amount of money for your paper but every available till is taken up by people paying their stupidity tax. Oh, and a couple of scratchies and a slikpik as well please and could you also check this last 4 months worth of tickets.


18th Oct 2004, 08:41
I have to confess I often stand in doorways and dither to the great annoyance of those behind.

But I have an excuse.

I used to be a skydiver:D

18th Oct 2004, 09:13
Ah yes, shopping trolleys. The bane of any trip to Tesco! I always seem to suffer the following, see if you can spot the link.

A woman with a trolley who will wander the length of an almost empty aisle until she reaches another trolley/pillar/stock cage. Whereupon, she stops her trolley in the gap, blocking the aisle
A woman who, instead of pushing her trolley, pulls it behind her. At an angle.
A women who DOES push her trolley along. Sideways.
A woman who glares at you with disgust because you've had to push her abandoned trolley out of the way.

Training Risky
18th Oct 2004, 10:28
I can't believe that I_STOOD_IN_THE_DOOR has not posted on this thread yet.

Where's he gone.......?

Mr Chips
18th Oct 2004, 11:18
ok, my turn!

baggage reclaim. Seems that you must take at least one trolley and your entire family to the edge of the carousel so that nobody else can get near their bags!!!!
:mad: :mad: :mad:

18th Oct 2004, 12:01
Mr Chips,

How annoying is that.

I did note the bagage flingers had exacted revenge on one such chav. They had realised he had a case of wine in his suitase. Needless to say the wine was leaking and the bag resounded to the clink of crushed glass. Ha ha ha .