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tony draper
15th Oct 2004, 15:01
Prog on telly at the mo, one of they lose weight thingies,featuring a entire family, to call them all blimps is a serious understatement, the man and wife sitting side by side on the settee look the size of a Blue Whales arse, how can people allow themselves to finish up like that?, not as if you wake up one morning look in the mirror and say buggah me! I better stop eating as much, it must take years of work to finish up that size.
We are going to finish up like the States.

15th Oct 2004, 15:12
knew one girl who was a tad large, no matter what she tried she couldn't lose weight as she had a thyroid problem.

What baffles me is is guy called Jared who does commercials here for SubWay, he apparently lost 300lbs by eating their sandwiches. He must have been topping at least 500lbs before he started to lose the weight.

Walking around the Minnesota State Fair the other month, it's easy to see why there are so many large people. There was so much deep fried food available.
Deep fried cheese curds, deep fried corn-on-the-cob.. etc

15th Oct 2004, 15:17
I'm 5'10 and 11 stone (male, age 44). No matter what unhealthy junk I devour, I cannot and do not put weight on. I've always been the same.
I presume others cannot stop putting weight on (or start losing it) despite all their efforts - although I'm sure some don't try hard enough.
I think its all down to that metabolic rate thingy...

15th Oct 2004, 15:18
Sorry for the girl with the thyroid problem and others like her, but why do I have to pay for excess baggage weight when I fly? I weigh 75 kgs, and I watch morbidly obese passengers walk onto the same flight as me - and nobody asks them to pay extra! Some of them must take up two seats! What's all that about?

15th Oct 2004, 15:27
Some of them must take up two seats! What's all that about?

It's usually 1 1/2 seats, and the odd 1/2 is usually mine:*
And as for some of those lardarses getting out in an emergency, forget it.


tony draper
15th Oct 2004, 15:29
fair enough if its a Glandular prob, we have a family friend who suffers that, but with this lot it was just gluttony years and years of it, the guy drankup to twenty pints of milk a day.
I think theres been some genetic sea change in people, I understand the Polenesian people were once a normal size untill they adopted a western diet,something in their genetic makeup cannot handle sugar, and thats the reason a lot of them are so large.
I suppose I am lucky, like Mr Timmcat I can eat all I want and not gain a ounce, but we were def a trimmer generation, bearing in mind most of us were raised on a diet of pure stodge it cannot be all a change in dietry habit.
The really fat person was a rarity once, you might see peeps of my age with beer bellies and such, tiz gonna be the one skinny kid in the class that gets picked on shortly.

15th Oct 2004, 15:37

I used to be the same, was 8 stone right up until I was about 24, now I weigh 11 stone and have done so for the past 5 years

Shaggy Sheep Driver
15th Oct 2004, 15:42
You lucky b*stards that can eat what you like without expanding can be soooo self-righteous. I eat no more than most of my workmates and friends do (indeed a lot less than some), drink less beer than many, do at least as much excercise, yet I'm overweight and many of them aren't.

What's that about, then?


15th Oct 2004, 15:46
Goes back to my metabolism theory SSD. I really think that short of altering ones metabolic rate, there is little some can do to significantly alter their body weight.

15th Oct 2004, 15:47
I am underhight for my weight

tony draper
15th Oct 2004, 15:53
Didn't mean to be self righteous SSD but with that family it was definatly greed wot done the damage, theres got to be something else going on, mebbee some secret organisation has been putting special obesity molecules th grub for the last twenty years or so.
Some say the kids don't get as much excercise as we did, dunno about that,always seems to be plenty of the little buggas rushing around the streets here screaming their heads off much in the manner we did.

15th Oct 2004, 16:12
I posted a link to a powerpoint presentation showing the evolution of obesity in the US some time ago.
As I don't want to incur the wrath of the Mods or their watchcat because of re-posting, here's a link to my original post (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&postid=1129240#post1129240) :E

some charts by country (http://www.obesity.chair.ulaval.ca/iotf.htm) (Europe)
More Powerpoint slides (taken from this site (http://www.heartstats.org/atozpage.asp?id=1814)) :
1980-1998 average increase per country (http://www.heartstats.org/documents/download.asp?nodeid=3151&libraryversionid=1083).
selected countries (http://www.heartstats.org/documents/download.asp?nodeid=2860&libraryversionid=781) (graphs 1978-1997).
all countries (http://www.heartstats.org/documents/download.asp?nodeid=2327&libraryversionid=1081)

tony draper
15th Oct 2004, 16:18
Well whatever happens in the USA seems to come here a few years later,crack cocaine, widespead obesity, and now we even have the drive by shootings.
What next the gang culture?
Hope we don't all start talking funny.

15th Oct 2004, 16:24
In my case, i find that unless I take lots of excercise, my weight rises quite rapidly and annoyingly. Until about 4 years ago, I did lots of regular excercise and weight was a constant 75kg, no matter how much I pigged out. Then, I had a back problem and had to stop excercise and lo and behold, 75 became 80 and then 85, within months, despite cutting food intake. About 4 months ago, I was given the OK by the doctor to start excercise and weight now returning slowly towards the 75kg.

I know people have a natural tendancy to either build muscle (Mesomorph?), some to bloat (globomorph?) or to become thin (endomorph?). Add a globomorph to a diet of chips and pigfat with excercise limited to the tv remote and you have the very people that Drapes described.


15th Oct 2004, 16:58
whatever happens in the USA seems to come here a few yearsThose who doubt it should take a look at the slides I just added in my above post :uhoh:

15th Oct 2004, 16:59
18kg in 18 months after giving up smoking put an end to my slender sylph-like figure. Now I don't care. So there!

As for paying more for a seat on an aircraft, perhaps you should look at the five year old sitting next to you and admit that you should be subsidising his/her seat to a factor of about four?

Grrrrrr! Sanctimonious skinny bastards! :*

15th Oct 2004, 18:12
As for paying more for a seat on an aircraft, perhaps you should look at the five year old sitting next to you and admit that you should be subsidising his/her seat to a factor of about four?

Bino's, don't follow the logic with the above statement.

If a five year old flies, they need ONE seat, which must be paid for. (I could understand charging less for them, but only if the airline supplied smaller seats for children.)
If some very large people fly, they need TWO seats, which also require paying for, (or they flop over into the adjoining seat, which someone else has paid for.)

But, even if you've put on 18 KG, I'm sure that doesn't take you any where near the size of person this thread was talking about.


tony draper
15th Oct 2004, 18:20
Thats a good idea Mr Binocs,encourage these folks to get through forty ciggies a day,and commence feeding our cubs on stodge again, it gets their metabolism accustomed to dealing with lard, bacon fat, cream cakes and such, one dates this sideways explosion in humans since the rise of health nazism.
Nature don't like being fecked with.

15th Oct 2004, 19:10
Having reached the age when the grandchildren can persuade me to take them to MacDonalds, now and then, I was interested to see that they had a good range of salads available. I was surprised to read in the paper that a MacDonalds chicken salad has more fat content than a cheeseburger.
Beefburger bum has surely arrrived in the UK though.

15th Oct 2004, 19:27
Hope we don't all start talking funny. it was definatly greed wot done the damage Too late Drazza...


Too much:
Alabama Fried Chook
Papparazzi Hutt
Booger King
MacDougalls, with fries, apple pies and upsize...
Soda instead of water
Fish n chips
etc etc etc.....

All the above and more coupled with the Tennindo and FunStation gaming generation, no wonder there's so many fat arses around. Kids don't play sport as much but stay indoors dodging child molestors on the net.

They SMS their mates instead of cycling around to see them and get driven to school.

You're all contributing to your own obesity. Look at your mouse. Does it have a scroll wheel on it? Too lazy to move your wrist and click/drag on the scroll bar, hey??? Things get easier and easier and everyone embraces each new development. Unless one comes from one of those impoverished places where they'd give anything to have a scroll-wheel-less mouse.

15th Oct 2004, 21:29
Remember, it's yer 'ands, not yer glands:p

Least mostly. Not trying to point out the bleeding orbvious, but one has noticed that since one started playing Squash three times a week, one has lost weight, one feels better, one has fewer colds & muscle strains & one looks rather buff...according to Mrs Punter leastways.:cool:

15th Oct 2004, 23:11
Watching TV coverage of that dreadful school attack in Chechnya I was struck by the slenderness of the kids in contrast to Western kids.

15th Oct 2004, 23:16
tinpis I agree, but probably because they don't come home from school to sit on the playstation all night, followed by a healthy Maccie D's.

Fatness = a sign of idle laziness

I also agree with the comment about excess baggage weight, very good point.

16th Oct 2004, 01:54

I suppose I was a bit ambiguous. It comes with the time of night of the posting. :8

Leftpedal's mention of 75kg prompted me to assume that he was talking about the airlines average passenger weight calculations (I believe that figure has been modified upwards in recent years?), whereas on second reading he and you were probably talking about people who overflow their seats. Fair enough, a different argument.

But I do understand how grossly obese people get that way. The concept of a kilo being very easy to put on and a lot harder to take off means we tend to keep raising our acceptable limits until eventually we realise the enormity of the task involved in losing all that weight. It's at that critical moment that a decision or, more simply, lack of a decision decides our destiny.

I think I may be approaching that point..... hmm, I must make a decision... tomorrow. :uhoh:

Capn Notarious
16th Oct 2004, 13:00
All these fatties are contributing to the destruction of their primary joints. One extra pound at the waist equates to a load of three pounds through the knees.
The huge coffin company is going to be busy. The undertaker speaks.
"On the shoulders of bearers no madam, he go's on wheels."

16th Oct 2004, 18:42
A year or so back I was in Orlando with work and had a day to kill so I went to see Sea World. In front of me on the way out the car park was a family, mum, dad and two teenagers of truly gigantic proportions.

I walked behind them to the entrance gate thinking self righteous thoughts. 'Only in America' , 'you wouldn't see a family like that back home'...

As they got to the gate, one of the kids dropped something and the dad called out in best Tyneside 'how, man, watch what yer deein' yer daft buggah'.

My Geordie soul shriveled in embarassment. Serves me right!

17th Oct 2004, 00:01
I hope everyone's had a bit of fun at the expense of fatties...?! I wonder if one day some scientist doesn't come out with proof that some people are predisposed to becoming overweight. And that it never was simply a problem of willpower or laziness as a lot of people have alluded to here. I don't watch what I eat or exercise. I still don't have a weight problem. I'd like to give up smoking but I haven't been able to though. Perhaps some people too are naturally predisposed to making fun of people they consider as not having attributes equal to their own. Perhaps also, there are others who acknowledge that nature can be unfair in her distribution of qualities that others will admire. I haven't investigated too closely, but I'll wager that most peoples' a$$holes bear little or no resemblance to how they appear to the rest of society, and yet...?! :mad:

17th Oct 2004, 03:15
This fella is on the right track....


17th Oct 2004, 21:26
I hope everyone's had a bit of fun at the expense of fatties...

Airship - fair point and in fact when you consider the massed ranks of marketing guru's backed up by motivational psychologists etc. who are trying to persuade us to eat Mac this and wopping great that, it does kind of explain some of the bad eating habits that exist.

I have said it again, but the book 'Fast Food Nation' is very scary

17th Oct 2004, 21:35
I am about 5kg overweight, but when I lived in the US many people remarked that I was "skinny" - it appeared to be a pejorative term....
The major problem is not so much the content of the food, but the amount people eat. Coupled with the fact that, relatively speaking, food is now cheaper than it has ever been, and overeating is the norm.
We went out with friends several times to restaurants in the US, and they really thought that we had financial problems since mrsr1 and I would order one main course between us, or a couple of starters as our main course. I eventually had to explain that we just couldn't eat that amount of food....

17th Oct 2004, 22:17
I have observed many of my friends and peers, especially female ones, who complain about their excess kgs and the fact that they are not able to do anything against it despite of "going to the gym everyday" and "cutting the amount of crisps to an absolute minimum". Very popular these days is the excuse of the thyriod causing trouble, which is total crap as this is actually only affecting 2% of all women and 0.1% of all men in our hemisphere. Apparently, the problem lies somewhere else.

When I talk to obese people of what they do against their overweight (I am always approaching from the rather "oh, you are going to the gym as well" side), I am always shocked to hear what wrong assumptions about the effects of physical exercise exist.

I've seen so many people who think that a) sit-ups will make their stomachs flat again, b) spending time on the stepper will bring their butts back to shape etc. a) and b) are technically correct, however most of their wonderful achievements tend to be covered behind a massive layer of fat.

The only way to substantially change your outer appearance is to burn more cal than you take in. Fact. If people really want to loose weight, a good programme would be continuous aerobic exercise, let's say one hour every weekday. One hour of running will make you burn 600-1000 cals, depending on your weight, you might cut that amount half when cycling, as this is a much better form of exercise if you should have problems with your joints already.

I have seen so many people losing incredible amounts of weight when forced to exercise every day (compulsory service in the army that was), but this uncomfortable way of living does not seem to be attractive enough to most.

Who exercises at least 3x a week to keep his endomorph body up at 73kg, 12%fat, 188cm, 22yrs male

17th Oct 2004, 22:56
Who exercises at least 3x a week to keep his endomorph body up at 73kg, 12%fat, 188cm, 22yrs male

ooh Barnstormer - what a hunk!!!

phnuff - who excercises at least three times a week to keep his down.

(Smugness is never pretty)

17th Oct 2004, 23:08
I hereby officially apologize for saying how things are. :suspect:

18th Oct 2004, 07:28
this is actually only affecting 2% of all women and 0.1% of all men in our hemisphere

Barnstormer, I'd love to see the source of the statistics you've quoted. Would you be so kind as to provide it please.

18th Oct 2004, 07:47

I am afraid that you know not of what you speak.

Thyroid is a much more common problem that statistics indicate but it is very hard to get it diagnosed. If you are diagnosed with a thyroid problem (whether under or over active) you are entitled to have free prescriptions on the NHS for life. Any GP fund holder is going to be reluctant to diagnose hypothyroidism as you take a large chunk out of his funding.

With regard to the overall over-weight thing, I am amazed at the sweeping statements that are made by some people in the medical profession. I find it unbelieveably arrogant of them to assume that they know all there is to know now about obesity. Has it not occurred to them that there may be aspects to the scince of weight gain that they just haven't discovered?

When you take the family as Drapes described; gluttonous, lazy etc etc, perhaps there is something wrong with them; something wrong with their appetite suppression mechanism for a start.



Who lost 5 stone when thyroid diagnosed!!!

18th Oct 2004, 08:59
It appears to me that there are clearly four types of people on this earth:-

1 - Someone whose metabolism is spot on (means that no matter how many pints they drink and chips they eat or how little they eat they always look pretty damned good)

2 - Someone whose metabolism is off beam - unsurprisingly the opposite of number one - but who having recognised this fact does their best not to become Mr. Draper's example

3 - Someone whose physical condition predesposes them to fatness (i.e thyroid problems)

4 - and those that just don't care..........

There is another underlying reason though - as somebody who has had to suddenly enter the world of a no sugar/low fat/low salt diet I have discovered how damned difficult it is to buy anything which is actually good for you! As a general rule (and I don't require loads of shopping lists thanks to prove me totally wrong :O ) the no sugar products are high in fat and salt or any combination thereof.

It is actually incredibly difficult to buy truely 'healthy' food. Presumably the food producers have found that sugar/fat/salt is addictive and therefore not putting it in reduces sales. How can it cost more not to put something in than to put it in? A treat from my wife of a 'no sugar' chocolate product cost 1.49 - a pound more than the suggared product.

Still I've lost two sizes of clothes which proves how much [email protected] I was eating before....

Navajo8686 (Soon be down to 7686..!):cool:

18th Oct 2004, 09:00
Well why isnt Ronald McDonald fat ? or that Hamburglar dude! after eating all those burgers.. LOL:)

o.k i'm leaving........:ok: :E

18th Oct 2004, 09:43
Like my Doctor once said:Just how many overweight people were there in concentration camps?
Keep your fork down even more so if you have health problems. Yes it's difficult, yes you have to be careful what you eat and buy, but hey, life's a b**ch, but you could have gotten a heart condition and that could be worse.

18th Oct 2004, 10:43
Whirlygig, it was not my intention to undervalue the effects of this illness, but to say that there might be some overweight people out there who are not trying hard enough to bring their weight back to a healthy level. I am not the kind of person that makes fun about over-/underweight people and think that obese people shoud remain obese if they are happy with that (and able to pay for the consequences for their health themselves...), but I've seen some misalignment between what people say they are doing and what they actually do.

Once again I would like to stress that my "Who exercises at least 3x..." phrase was not mentioned to show off but to tell that there are people facing the opposite of overweight which in fact is much harder to tackle (in terms of training you have to invest, building muscles is harder than losing fat).

18th Oct 2004, 10:56
It seemed to me quite the opposite of showing off. You'd have been showing off if you'd said "I'm tall and muscular, eat like a pig, do not excercise still am not overweight"
It was on my opinion one more testimony of how being fit is hard work, an investment on health (and looks), and a choice

18th Oct 2004, 11:14

I did not accuse you of undervaluing the illness but

Very popular these days is the excuse of the thyriod causing trouble, which is total crap as this is actually only affecting 2% of all women and 0.1% of all men in our hemisphere

is, in itself, incorrect. Unless you have done some research and have detailed knowledge of the condition and how it is treated in this country, then I suggest that your above statement is, at best, misleading. If you have some knowledge of the disease, then I would be grateful if you could quote your sources.

Secondly Barnstomer, as someone who has managed to lose a lot of weight I can tell you that I could not have done it without exercise of BOTH aerobic and anaerobic sorts.



18th Oct 2004, 11:29
Barnstormer - no problems matey. You are forgiven (although it is a fact that its easier to hold weight down at 22 than it is as you get older)

Ropey Pilot
18th Oct 2004, 11:35
the following comment is not intended to cause offense - and if it does please have the mods remove it straight away but....

I don't believe that anyone in the concentration camps was suffering from glandular problems that prevented them from losing weight. The number of people claiming such would translate to a fair number in the camps. all those deprived of food were horrifically underweight.

My aim is not to make light of these horrific circumstances - simply to point out that if you do not take in enough calories, you cannot maintain your weight.

I know a tiny bit about obesity surgery through medical friends - and the amount of 'glandular problem' patients operated on is unreal. Especially when their last pre-op meal of 5 family buckets of KFC (but I don't eat too much doctor) dissappears down the gullet PDQ. Afterwards they claim that it is great, you only eat about 5 to 10 chips and you are full! - YOU SHOULDN'T BE EATING CHIPS IN THE FIRST PLACE IF YOU HAVE THAT MUCH OF A WEIGHT PROBLEM. I am not denying they have a problem, but it is not glandular in most cases - is is mental (normally denial - they do kid themselves that they are not eating too much). Surgery is often ten the only was to prevent them from dying from obesity related conditions.

I'm not denying that some people have medical conditions , but thyroid problems in fatties (and those suffering from ME, Irritable bowel syndrom etc) seem to be far more common than ever before. Many of these sufferers quite often display a certain 'personality type' (and unfortunately tar genuine sufferers on these types of conditions with the same brush).

Going back to the fat folk program - I only saw a brief part where one 'lady' hadn't lost much and got into a huge strop about how all the dieticians and trainers obviously didn't know anything etc etc. In the lead up to the weigh in she stopped exercising as it was 'boring on your own' and said that the food she had to eat was 'too difficult' to prepare so she had 'adapted' the eating program. However when she lost no weight it wasn't her fault, she obviously was unable to lose anything etc etc. Since she 'cannot' lose weight has she got a thyroid problem? - she seems exactly the type who would claim it.

I,myself, could do with losing a few stone. I know it can be done as I was that size at uni. However I drink too much beer, eat too much rubbish and don't exercise enough. It is therefore my own fault.

18th Oct 2004, 11:39
I,myself, could do with losing a few stone. I know it can be done as I was that size at uni. However I drink too much beer, eat too much rubbish and don't exercise enough. It is therefore my own fault.

Hehehe... And Loving It!! :ok:

tony draper
18th Oct 2004, 11:48
I think there is a difference betwixt a beer belly and obesity Mr Binocs, a beer belly is hard earned, one has seen quite slim people with a beer belly.
One thinks it is the change over from good honest imperial measure,stones pounds ounces ect, to this foreign mode of weiging stuff is also to blame, Kgms, what the **** are they,sounds like summat in the new years honours list.

18th Oct 2004, 11:57
You may be on to something there, Mr D. As long one's avoirdupois can be expressed in two digits, one tends to delude oneself.

Indeed, it was only when I converted to imperial measure and discovered that were I a boxer I would be obliged to fight in the same division as Messrs Ali, Frazier and Tyson that faint doubts about this theory entered my mind. That and the fact that I could stand in a shower for five minutes and not have to bother drying the front of my legs.

However you are perfectly correct in stating that I am different from those awful obese people. :}

18th Oct 2004, 12:23
I don't think anyone is having a go at people who are naturally, er, "big-boned." ;)

The annoyance is with those who moan about their weight whilst stuffing a third McDonalds Happy Meal down their gob.

I would however like to make an appeal to those females who are of the "larger" persuasion.

Please don't wear crop tops. The sight of rolls of flab bulging out is not attractive. Thank you.

18th Oct 2004, 13:25

you are waisting your time, none of those sort of wymin come to pprune.

18th Oct 2004, 20:52
2IC , I had picked a random medical website on the German Google. This source (http://www.abbottdiagnostics.com/Your_Health/Thyroid/Disorders/hypo.cfm) says that 2% of the population is affected by this disease which is not too far away from what I've quoted. The German source was (http://www.netdoktor.de/krankheiten/fakta/schilddruesenunterfunktion.htm) if someone should be happy to check that.

Whirlygig You are right in saying that you need to do both aerobic and anaerobic exercises to reduce your weight healthily. What I wanted to stress was, and this is due to the observations I've made, that many people tend to forget that fat is actually burnt during looong sessions of cycling, running, swimming, rowing, etc., and blame the 10 situps they do once a week for "not being effective".

Ropey Pilot Apart from your concentration camp example which people might find rather offensive you are pretty much right with saying that - apart from people being seriously ill - it's down to everyone else to get up and do something about excess kgs. Of course it might funny for most of you guys to hear a 22year-old talking about that ("who doesn't know crap about losing weight"), but as said before, I am working hard not to fall below a BMI 18.5 where mother nature actually has planned me to be. Also, as said before, I've had many mil mates who went in overweight and got into perfect condititions (during infantry training times - cause they were FORCED).

Well, let's all be mates again and work on our beer bellies...:E

18th Oct 2004, 21:00
There is also the Nigella (picked at random) factor to consider - I find it is getting harder to find iodised salt, which, I seem to recall, is one of the few sources of iodine available. Could this be one of the reasons behind increased occurrences of thyroid problems? Perhaps a diet supplement of 10lb of fresh seaweed a day would help....

18th Oct 2004, 21:27
I posted the quote about the concentration camp, not Ropey. It comes from a man who lost his entire family in camps.

19th Oct 2004, 06:42
Being very familiar with a peson who has an underactive thyroid gland I can say that a tendency to gain weight is the very least of their troubles. Untreated, they would be severely mentally retarded. Treatment is essential and fortunately is very simple and effective, so you wouldn't identify anyone suffering from hypothyroidism walking by in the street. They look perfectly normal. So, please don't insult those who genuinely suffer from such conditions by allowing greedy, overstuffed, lazy fat slobs to claim they have a "glandular problem". They're just greedy, overstuffed lazy fat slobs.

19th Oct 2004, 09:20
....The ones that irritate me are those skinny women who whilst not anorexic are probably slightly underweight and yet who witter on non-stop about their cellulite, fluid retention, bloating, the latest faddy food combining diet, an imaginary yet fashionable food allergy and any miniscule 'weight gain' and if you eat something/anything they tell you how 'naughty' you are (no just hungry).

19th Oct 2004, 10:26

I think your last sentence describes me quite succinctly.

Have a nice day all you lovely self righteous slim people, you.


20th Oct 2004, 09:58
I ain't exactly slim panda, but I'm no slob either. Just sticking up for the hypothyroid minority ;)

20th Oct 2004, 11:31
The gland thing's a bit of a red herring. Those problems are pretty few and far between.

Unfortunately, the old equation:

Crap food + Inactivity = Fat knacker.

rings true.

Change one or both of the variables on the left of the equals, to influence the one on the right.

And learning phrases such as "no thanks, I'm full." are also pretty useful.

20th Oct 2004, 11:47
Actually, the "gland" thing is a lot more prevalent that you would imagine. As well as under-active thyroid, there is also a condition where the adrenal gland is under-active; it has similar but totally the same symptoms. Diabetes as well?

The simple equation so oft quoted pre-supposes that everyone burns energy at the same rate and that all foods release energy into the body at the same rate.

Please don't patronize those who struggle daily to keep their weight down - if it really was that simple, more people would do it.

Phrases such as "I'm full"? eh? What if the appetite suppression mechanism in that person doesn't work so that they never feel full? Until you can get into the mind and body of someone in that position, you can't put your own experiences onto them and expect them to be the same.



20th Oct 2004, 11:59
Yes, perhaps I was being a little unkind, and indeed patronising. Its been a bad week, trying to convince the overweight masses, that there is no "magic pill" which is going to cure there overweight condition, which on the whole, is due to their excesses.

I would, however, question the evidence on which you make your assumptions, especially the true incidence and prevalence of glandular problems, being the cause of obesity. (Rather than the other way round).

Having said that perhaps I am a being a little anecdotal myself.

Don' t take it too seriously or personally. I don't and I'm getting a bit of a fat bast:mad: d.

20th Oct 2004, 12:49
I do not actually believe that most obesity is CAUSED by endocrine problems but, as someone who had to battle for 6 years with a medical profession who believed there was nothing wrong with me except whinging, I would reckon that I was not the only one. Therefore, statistics would not show everyone who has been dignosed with such glandular problems, hence they would appear to be more prevalent than the medical profession would have us believe.

I firmly believe that medical science does not know everything and that there are aspects to weight and dietary management that cannot be fully explained. Nobody wants to be overweight so, why are they? something wrong with will-power? Maybe. But couldn't that, in itself be something that could treated? There are other addictions which are well-documented and help available on the NHS but not a food addiction (if that's what it is).



Gingernut - no offence taken but many of the sweeping generalisations made on this thread are IMHO, unfair on those who battle. Maybe sympathise with those who are overweight and think of what physiological or psychological problems could have got them in that state.

20th Oct 2004, 13:58
I don't have a problem with fat people per se. Most overweight people I know freely admit to eating too much and doing **** all exercise to try to lose weight. The people who I do have a problem with however, are the obese people who try to palm off their size by producing astounding medical "facts" as to why their arses are the size of a small country (to coin a phrase) i.e. "glandular problems"

There probably are a number of people out there who genuinely do suffer from glandular problems, but in my experience, fat people are fat because they are bone-idle, greedy bastards - simple.... not particularly PC I'll be the first to admit & I'll be the first to eat my low-fat hat should someone prove to me the contrary.

Being fat is unhealthy - FACT
Being fat is ugly - IMHO
Being fat can prevent you having kids - FACT
Obesity puts a huge strain on the health service - FACT
A large proportion (stop thinking about food) of Porkers could lose a substantial amount of weight through sensible eating & regular exercise - FACT

The vast majority of obese parents who allow their spawn to become maxi-me's (mini-me's with extra fries & supersize cokes) are disgusting, irresponsible and entirely to blame for their childrens obesity IMHO - you will also notice that these are frequently the ones claiming the "glandular problem" excuse for themselves and their gluttonous offspring.

And learning phrases such as "no thanks, I'm full." are also pretty useful. Spot on...

Whirly, with the greatest of respect, you don't technically have to be full to use that phrase... Eating to the point of explosion because of a malfunctioning appetite suppression system bears all the hallmarks of more fat peoples excuses IMHO

And finally, just to really piss you off.... I'm a svelte 11 stone, can eat as much as I like and never gain a pound :E, so as you can see I'm fully qualified to comment on this particular subject :suspect:


21st Oct 2004, 01:39
slim people with a beer belly
...or is that a fat person with a slim chest?

21st Oct 2004, 02:16
Problem is food tastes good. And people use food to make them feel better.

I have found a solution to keeping my weight down , I am a vegie and I live on a cattle station. Not much for me to eat here. God, I'm hungry.:{

22nd Oct 2004, 19:38
There is a very obvious answer to this:


Simply charge all the fat people for the extra space they take up and extras they get but if they have a medical reason for being fat they can go to the Doc and get an exemption certificate so they don't have to pay!

All the money go to thin people to make up for not getting their money's worth in so many ways... like.

Buy a pair of 28" trousers and look how much less material you are getting for your money compared to someone buying a size 42".

Get on a bus and thin people use far less petrol per mile than fat ones yet still pay the same?

Thin people only wear out pavements at half the rate that fat ones do - but pay the same tax.

If you eat less you make less excrement and yet still pay the same for diposal!

and on and on...

No its not fair - vote for SPACE TAX now - lobby your MP today!

22nd Oct 2004, 19:44

22nd Oct 2004, 19:47
I am a vegie and I live on a cattle station. Not much for me to eat here. God, I'm hungry. Well at least you should never be lonely. Always lots of cows to uhmmm, chew the cud with... Oh heck, just wondered what might happen if they should decide to stop being veggies as a consequence...?! :O

22nd Oct 2004, 21:21
Problem is food tastes good. And people use food to make them feel better.

Well, then tell people that flying will make them feel better without getting fat. At least when the weather is good. And that blade in front of you keeps moving. And if you have some guy sitting next to you who actually pays for the juice just that the roaring thing in front of you hammers through.

What I've found interesting, ftits, is your remark about the fact that fatties cannot get pregnant. Is that true? Why? (No jokes about altered sex practices please, gents:E )

23rd Oct 2004, 08:47

If you are female and overweight, your fertility decreases and hence it could be more difficult to be beome pregnant. If you are male and overweight, you will NOT get pregnant. Simple fact.



Solid Rust Twotter
23rd Oct 2004, 08:55
Any chance of a Whining Tax for thin people?

......... Miserable gits.:E

23rd Oct 2004, 09:55
Any chances that I can get pregnant when being male and underweight?

23rd Oct 2004, 15:03
Fat parents = Fat kids = more fat people.

I'm glad it's harder from them to reproduce... just trying to figure the physics out is too much hard work, how does it work when two roundies get together?

i.e Fat Bast*rd from Austin Powers: "I haven't seen mah d**k in two years!"