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Val d'Isere
15th Oct 2004, 07:22
A friend (as they say) has an interview soon and has stated on the application that, amongst many truths, there is the small(ish).......OK, whopping great big....... fib that he's an expert in Office Administration.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the one aspect of his skills which has attracted unexpected attention; It's just what the employer has been looking for!

So, if only to save face at the interview, how does this chap bluff his way in Office Administration?


15th Oct 2004, 08:30
I wouldn't worry, Val. 'Expert in Office Administration' is right up there with 'Walking and Chewing Simultaneously Skills' or any qualification in Leisure and Tourism - these days you have to have the piece of paper indicating your ability to cope with tasks that wouldn't tax the average mollusc.

15th Oct 2004, 08:42
Suggest he refers to skills like:

Prioritisation of workstreams to ensure efficient execution (good at delegating)
"Can do" mindset (knows how to say no in a way you don't spot)
Working knowledge of basic accounting practices (can add up petty cash)

... getting the idea?

15th Oct 2004, 09:34

Effective stock control (knows where the spare box of staples is)
Effective man/machine interface skills (can switch on a computer)
Interactive inter-personal interfaces will be of the highest priority (willing to sh*g typing pool)

15th Oct 2004, 09:47
I think he will be caught out, what if they ask:
"What Microsoft product would you use for implementing an automated timesheet system and why?"

15th Oct 2004, 10:06
Having just spent the last hour filling in my timesheetS for the week (before you ask, 6!, count them:- 1 SAP, 3 Excel, 1 HTML and 1 A4 based) I can speak with some authority on the subject. How about:-

"Obviously one would use an individualised Forms based front end with a non-heuristic wireless based interface (although using non-Bluetooth technology to avoid the inherent bandwidth limitations) to the LAN with wide-band megastream access to the WAN, feeding an Access database also holding project reference and maintenance data with an SQL 8 front-end statistical analysis and anomaly monitoring package to maintain a full in-house query and reporting capability".

That should sort anyone out.

(Edited for emphasis because I'm fed up with bloody timesheets. :})

Echo Zulu Yankee
15th Oct 2004, 10:11

When one was going through training I had an office admin job to keep me ticking over. If anyone had given that answer to the question about timesheets(or anything for that matter) they would be most likely told to **** orf for spending the whole yearly IT Budget in five minutes!

...Plus if you had an Access Database AND SQL any IT Manager worth his salt would laugh you out of his office, why not just use one or the other? Its like using Lotus 123 and Excel just to create a single spreadsheet.

Keep it EzY

15th Oct 2004, 10:13
Just mentioning Access will get you laughted out an office.
You also did not mention work flow.

15th Oct 2004, 10:18
OK, you've got me there.

Next time I'll try to keep my tongue out of my cheek. (For instance, although I do know a bit about computers, I must admit my only Access experience is putting a key in a lock then turning it).