View Full Version : TO Google or not to Google, that is the question

Feeton Terrafirma
15th Oct 2004, 06:06
It would seem that the Google IPO has been just in time to fill the inventors pocket before the next generation of search engines arrives. Clusty is probably the one of choice these days.

Here's a review of the new Clusty search engine (http://www.beerfiles.com.au/content/view/85/1/)

15th Oct 2004, 08:53
I have tried Clusty a few times and I have to say that it is pretty good - I found some sites of my own that google havent listed. I dont like te blue interface though - it looks a bit novice!

Maz :)

15th Oct 2004, 13:44
Hey, that Clusty isn't a bad serach engine.

Give you many, many more results when you type in "porn".

(There ya go 747Focal :E )

tony draper
15th Oct 2004, 13:55
The one I really hate is that one that downloads itself then installs itself as yer home page, right pig to get shot of it is.


15th Oct 2004, 14:25
Hey Drapes:


That'll stop 'em.

tony draper
15th Oct 2004, 14:45
Its ok Mr G, one now has CWshredder that kicks its arse, all the normal method of restoring your homepage are to no avail,it simply reappears next time one boots up and logs on, one tried hunting it down through the dark passagways backwaters and registry of ones machine to no avail, it began to infuriate me so some kind person on the puter forum pointed me at the afore mentioned Cool Ware Shredder.
One hope the balls of the bastiges that write this kind of software fester and not drop off.

15th Oct 2004, 15:29
That does look like a decent search engine. I'll have to give it better try when I get home.

Mr Draper,

I think what Grainger is hinting at is that with FireFox, CWShredder can't even install itself on your machine in the first place. It can't even change your homepage either. No more worrying about cleaning it out after your computer has been infested.


15th Oct 2004, 15:49
Exactly - with FireFox you should be immune to that sort of thing. Faster, too.


tony draper
15th Oct 2004, 15:59
Very well chaps one shal try it, one already has Zone alarm running, and I run spybot and Adaware after each session, I have not had any Cool Ware instal itself since I got CW shredder though, some things do slip past spybot and adaware but if I run both they snaffle all the shite that downloads itself on to ones machine.

Biggles Flies Undone
15th Oct 2004, 16:13
As per the other thread running, I just use Firefox and Crap Cleaner now - if I run spybot and cookie monster afterwards they find nothing :ok:

Feeton Terrafirma
16th Oct 2004, 11:32
There is only one problem with Clusty, the name just doesn't have the same ring to it as Google.