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RAPA Pilot
14th Oct 2004, 20:10
If a pilot or the company management has a concern that a fellow pilot was becoming unfit to fly due to a possible medical condition is there any course of action in the interest of saftey that he/they should/could take regarding the CAA medical board even though he held a class 1 medical to get him checked out. I realise there are other issues but its just a gereral question.

14th Oct 2004, 21:11
The options are:

1. Talk to the pilot one to one
2. Talk to the Occupational Health department
3. Talk to the Human Resources department
4. Talk to the management
5. Talk to the pilot's or your own AME
6. Talk to the medical department of the CAA

Which option would work best for the situation that you or the pilot is in depends on a lot of factors which you will have to weigh in.



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