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14th Oct 2004, 11:29
I'm sure there must be some JB'ers out there who could come up with a suggestion on what to do in Norwich this Saturday night.

A friend and myself are going to stay there and have Friday night sorted but I can't seem to come up with anything for Saturday. Must be suitable for two forty-year old birds who still think they are twenty!!

Thanks and cheers


14th Oct 2004, 12:01
Used to be a club called pepprtmint Patty, where young Punter cast his net on a few occasions:E

14th Oct 2004, 12:12
What about bingo ??:p

OK, I've got it, The Royal British Legion? No? What about a nice bag of chips and a wander round the town square? or maybe the RAF Defence Radar Museum? OK this is perfect how about xtreme fun skatepark followed by HY's Niteclub???

Just don't do what I did once, I took a girl from Ipswich up there one night for a meal and a night out.. we ended up in a resturaunt sitting just across from her husbands work mate..:eek:

Luckily her hubby's mate was with a girl while his wife was at home.. Touche!!:cool:

14th Oct 2004, 12:19
Thank you Fly - most helpful :}

the RAF Defence Radar Museum?
Will this involve men in uniform?

Rest assured, I shouldn't think I will be taking a girl from Ipswich out. Actually, she's from Leeds!!

So, does HY's niteclub still exist? Is it actually any good?



14th Oct 2004, 12:22
Never get as far as niteclubs, usually pull earlier than that :p

14th Oct 2004, 12:51
Pity that Boswells is now a Tapas bar, that was always a reasonable place on a Saturday night to see a local band in a pleasant atmosphere.

Failing that, I suppose you could try the Chicago Rock Cafe.

14th Oct 2004, 13:00
Try Mercy and Riverside...

Riverside is new with a few classy bars, Mercy is proper class (considering the area), quite expensive etc... alternately the cinema and pizza hut.

Onan the Clumsy
14th Oct 2004, 13:29
I thought this thread was about Saturday night and "Knickers off ready when I come home" :(

14th Oct 2004, 14:08
Thanks Onan but I really DID mean the County town of Norfolk!!

Couple of good suggestions there but we would rather avoid chain nightspots - can go to those anytime.

Local bands - good idea! Any other suggestions?



Onan the Clumsy
14th Oct 2004, 14:38
Ah! Whirlygig I didn't notice it was you who had started the thread. My earlier comment was probably a leeeeetle unnecessary :ok:

14th Oct 2004, 19:05
If it's local bands you're after, try the Blueberry on Cowgate or Walnut Tree Shades off the Market place. :cool:

14th Oct 2004, 20:38
A good night out in Norwich? Norfolk Enchants!

Metro man
15th Oct 2004, 00:57

15th Oct 2004, 07:34

I don't even have to click on that link to know what it's about.

Joe, and HOGE - thanks for the pointers will check 'em out.



15th Oct 2004, 08:44
For really good traditional English food (roasts, game etc) try the Red Lion (http://www.norwich.angle.uk.com/eatndrink/pubs/redliones.cgi).

It's a little way out from the centre close to University - it's just off the A11 (the route to Thetford).

Dinner is at 7pm and you must book.

The Eagle isn't too bad either - much closer to the centre on the A11 (aka Newmarket Road).

Spotting Bad Guys
15th Oct 2004, 09:17
The Mischief on Magdalen St used to be a good place - good beer, rowdy enough to be fun and usually had top quality bands every fortnight or so. Still there/same management?

There also used to be a great kebab place just across the road (the 'Istanbul' if memory serves me correct) and after stocking up you could hi-jack a taxi to take you back to Coltishall.......(sighs) Halcyon Days!


15th Oct 2004, 11:18
You've let me down, surely what you do on Saturday night all depends upon what happens on Friday night;-)

Anyway, back to your friend..she's from Leeds you say, perhaps something to do with rotary......interested in the local chopper scene.....
must go, have run out of cliches and in-your-end-ohs

15th Oct 2004, 13:11
Just watch out for freshers at the UEA acting all grown up :E

17th Oct 2004, 14:25
So, WG, how was Saturday night?

surely not
17th Oct 2004, 14:28
No response yet, so perhaps not yet arisen!!

17th Oct 2004, 22:54
Whirls has surfaced and now got back to sunny Thatcham :yuk:

Thanks Staggers - it was actually the Red Lion where we stayed. Nice old place and friendly staff.

Friday night was a hoot! As some of you may know, (and NO SNIGGERING) I am a folk singer and musician. So we got ourselves to Norwich Folk Club; the upstairs room at The Branford Arms. How can I put this? It was, er, not what I expected. I have been in rougher pubs but at the moment I can't think when. However, they were very friendly and appreciated my "little turn" wot I performed.

Saturday night in our best tart's trotters, we went to Orgasmic and then La Tasca. Didn't go clubbing because we were a bit worse for wear by midnight have been on the Shiraz since lunchtime. Us oldsters just can't take it like we used to.

But good time had by all, managed to go flying. So thanks to everyone.