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14th Oct 2004, 09:34
See if you can move your country up the table!


14th Oct 2004, 09:56
I actually decreased my country's score.

Errrr, sorry.


14th Oct 2004, 10:15
I managed to increase it by a massive 0.00%!!


Feeton Terrafirma
14th Oct 2004, 10:15
it appears easy to move my country up the table. All I need to do is to encourage BlooMoo and others to play the game for their country ;)

EDIT: yes, the method above is the best approach, and after having a go myself I will have to work harder at it

14th Oct 2004, 10:33
My colleague is really miffed.He can't represent his country.Sri Lanka according to a geography quiz doesn't exist.:confused:

14th Oct 2004, 10:55
Oh, I got that one wrong as well then...:(

14th Oct 2004, 10:59
The UK is in 104th! behind the US and France! Come on guys we cant have that!

14th Oct 2004, 11:15
60%, pushing UK's score up by 0.01% :ok:

Should really have known where Tajikistan was!! :confused:

14th Oct 2004, 13:20
I think Feeton has it, until I get better I might have to represent another country...:ok:

14th Oct 2004, 14:31
I managed to increase it by a massive 0.00%!!

You're lucky, c=bert, I decreased mine by 0.00%!

This could get fairly addictive, but I don't think much of the interface, grumble grizzle moan complain rhubarb rhubarb....

and where do you get the right answers? I still have no idea where Palau is :confused:

14th Oct 2004, 14:36
Unfortunately, you have decreased your country's score by 0.01% :{ :{

14th Oct 2004, 15:03
I got 7/10 which must have increased the UK's pathetic overall score by something but I was booted off the computer before finding out just how much. The three I got wrong were Krygistan (sp?), though I did get Tagikstan (sp?) right, Palau, which I think is a made up name and some other place I can't remember.

Apparently the leading country is Jamtland with 100%. Jamtland? Oh come on, they are surely making it up...

Little Blue
14th Oct 2004, 15:09
I'm afraid my appalling 2/10 has dropped the UK to a new low.
My geography teacher was right, all those years ago !

14th Oct 2004, 16:30
I probably should have known where Canada is :(

14th Oct 2004, 16:50
my pc crashed after just the first couple of questions, so I probably reduced the score for the UK

tall and tasty
14th Oct 2004, 17:08
Gosh went up by 0.02% suppose going in thr right direction!


14th Oct 2004, 19:03
Congrats, you have increased your country's score by 0.03%

Rule Britannia!

14th Oct 2004, 20:13
Rule Britannia

Ummm, you'll have to help me with that one as well

14th Oct 2004, 22:45
Rule brittania? Damn right!

I had three attempts

90%, 90% and 100%

I got Ghana and Tonga wrong, so 28 out of 30 for me...

Buster Hyman
14th Oct 2004, 23:19
Yup! Decreased by 0.01%...:uhoh:

Anyway...who gives a fat rats arse where Chad is!:hmm:


**Actually, it's more fun getting all the answers wrong...when you've selected New Zealand as your country!!!**:E

Feeton Terrafirma
15th Oct 2004, 01:21
Mr Hyman!!!

Brilliant!! :D

Buster Hyman
15th Oct 2004, 02:25
Come on everyone! Lets see how low we can get New Zealand!!! Who's with me!!:E :E :E

15th Oct 2004, 12:38
Dunno mate. It's pretty low already :E

15th Oct 2004, 13:59
I may be accusing the nice people at 'geographyolympics' unfairly - and my apologies if I am, but after a little dabble last night my laptop slowed to a slow crawl and I have spent this morning removing adware.

:suspect: :{

surely not
15th Oct 2004, 14:13
I thought I was good at Geograhy until I took this test :{ :{

I am now going to enter as other countries :D

Boss Raptor
15th Oct 2004, 21:29
Got em all right for the UK - but as it took so long to actually load wont be doing it again

Good point TimS shall Adaware immediately then...B!stards!