View Full Version : Harry Hill is a COMEDIAN

14th Oct 2004, 06:33
Newsflash. Tis true. Says so in my TV guide for the week. Who'd have guessed, eh? So, when did he start this comedan lark and being funny? Always thought he was just a ****

Little Blue
14th Oct 2004, 09:18
....it's ironic wit...I get it...you don't.
Your not a yank, by any chance ??

14th Oct 2004, 09:35
No - I'm Irish ..... does that explain it?

14th Oct 2004, 09:54
The bloke's comedy has the same effect on me as that of Peter Sellars........the world laughs whilst i sit there wondering when the funny stuff will start.

Dr Illitout
14th Oct 2004, 09:59
Harry Hill leaves me cold along with that other :mad: Jim Carey.
Rgds Dr I.

14th Oct 2004, 10:02
Matt Lucas and David Walliams - now they are comedians, Harry Hill is just a bald bloke who pulls faces.

14th Oct 2004, 10:55
You're just not getting it folks.

The man is a genius.

Not sure about his novel though.

14th Oct 2004, 11:00
... as for the claim that it is 'ironic wit', sorry doesn't work for me. I always felt that for 'ironic wit' to be successful it needs some intelligence to back it up (e.g.: Blackadder, some Fraiser). Senor Hill seems to display the type of intelligence I usually only witness at kid's parties - strange since I believe he was once a doctor - perhaps he's been at the gas'n'air :\

14th Oct 2004, 11:35
It's called Alternative Comedy, I believe . . .

. . . same as ordinary comedy, but without the funny bits :rolleyes:

Biggles Flies Undone
14th Oct 2004, 11:39
Two 'comedians' that always provoke a grab for the remote and a channel change if I have the TV on - Harry Hill & Graham Norton :yuk:

Little Blue
14th Oct 2004, 11:41
Well, my ex-missus never understood why I used to wet
myself watching Blackadder/Alan Partridge/Coupling...probaby one of the reasons why we are no longer an "item"
The phrase "one mans meat is another mans poison" comes to mind...
I find the said Mr Hill very entertaining, prob cos he has as much hair as I do. !!
Now Ben Elton, what a tube !


14th Oct 2004, 13:18
Harry Hill - always have thought and always will that he is better suited children's TV and nowhere else. Mind you that's an insult to the intelligence of my daughter.

14th Oct 2004, 14:29
I suppose he must be an acquired taste.

I think he's brilliant. Remember seeing him 10 years ago at my University fresher's week, I'd never heard of him and he had the place in stiches all night.

But we were all students!

He qualified and practiced as a Doctor before turning his hand to stand up comedy.

14th Oct 2004, 15:00
He should practice being a comedian too - he fcuking needs it.



14th Oct 2004, 15:06
He has his hilarious moments but he's not consistant enough for me to class him as one of my personal favourites.


15th Oct 2004, 07:09
Have seen Harry Hill on tv a couple of times and failed to even chuckle once.
Some people enjoy him, others don't

Last comedian I saw live was Bill Bailey, his cockney medley featuring songs like Eye of the Tiger, Paradise City, Wuthering Heights, Bela Lugosi's Dead... etc had me laughing until I cried.

Recently since moving Stateside, I've enjoyed watching the show Last Comic Standing 4 comedians on there I've enjoyed immensly.
Alonzo Boden, Rich Vos, Dave Mordel and Jay London

Personally I've not really seen any comedian that have matched the comic timing of such greats as Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, Tony Hancock.. etc

18th Oct 2004, 20:59
Always had my doubts abot Mr Hill.

Never found him particularly funny.

I taped the Audience With show from Saturday and just been watching it.

I think it was hilarious. Not laughed so much in years.

Oh well.

Just my point of view.


18th Oct 2004, 22:39
A complete w:mad: ker..........What was all that badger parade B:mad: cks about? Perhaps all this new fangled comedy is beyond me............Bring back Derek and Clive!

19th Oct 2004, 08:39
Mrs Exposed and I watched the programme on Saturday. Mrs Exposed said beforehand she did not think he was any good, and then spent an hour laughing away.

Major Stua
19th Oct 2004, 14:01
I must confess that Harry Hill on TV usually leaves me cold. It's just all so juvenile what with the badgers thing.

However, I first saw him probably about 10 years ago at a comedy club and he was just mindblowingly funny. His live act pretty much centred upon a series of gags, the punchline of each featuring within the previous gag. Very clever and very funny.

Harry - if you're listening, give up on TV and stick to what you do best.

The Major

simon brown
19th Oct 2004, 16:54
"Theres a very fine line between a thick soup and a thin casserole"-Genius

19th Oct 2004, 16:59
Agree with most of the other posters. Watched most of the program on Saturday night. Can see the funny side of most intentionally humerous people, but really just do not understand what is funny about Mr. Hill.

He is the sort you would see on something like 'New Faces' in the seventies and watch him get booed off stage.

19th Oct 2004, 19:01
I sat and watched the man "An Audience with Harry Hill" just the other night, being ready to join all the rubbishers.

I have to say that I find him really quite amusing. `Tis true, he`s no comedic genius, and his act borrows strongly from the old music hall tradition (Oooh, where`s me washboard), indeed I thought part of his act was pure Max Wall. I don`t think I`ll be queuing up to see him any time soon, but I don`t understand why he gets such a panning on these pages.