View Full Version : LET- 410 Down in Kivu

Was that for us?
12th Oct 2004, 06:32
Swazi registered LET-410 was reported down in Kivu yesterday. Crew injured but OK. No other info at this time.

13th Oct 2004, 19:49
I heard that they did not have a flight plane and crached on route to Kindo :bored:
I hope that the UN went to help cos no one else here will go
Do you Know that had happen ? I will be in Kindo within 2 weeks I try to find out

13th Oct 2004, 19:55
On the LET site it says that 14 people were killed,including the PIC.
Apparently the co-pilot and 4 others made it.
Not much other news on it.
Should anyone else have any info,it would be appreciated.

14th Oct 2004, 02:15
Hi folks!
There are some rumors about L-410 Luanda-Kigali. Few days ago was lost somewhere in jungles in Congo. If anyone has info?

Was that for us?
14th Oct 2004, 06:42
Let $!) belongs to Vadim Latkhin / Andre Kasalopov consortium of Pretoria was registered in Rwanda not Swazi as was previously reported.

14th Oct 2004, 12:09
Hi all,

I would be very interested in the " Let site " thats been refered too, also, any operator name to the latest crash would be helpful.

Can anyone confirm if it is 9XR-RC

Many thanks


Cardinal Puff
14th Oct 2004, 12:52
L410 down about 150nm SW of Kindu. Apparently a night landing after a leak of some kind. No fatalities and both occupants (crew) OK.

19th Oct 2004, 11:29
There's a crasehed 3D-KIK laying next to the runway in Kisenyi/Rwanda, right next to Goma/Congo airport...totally burned out.
Seems like it had a blown tire and slid off the rwy...gear collapsed...started burning.

I have pictures if someone is interested.


20th Oct 2004, 16:23
Hey man ( flyheli )
That A/C crached about 2 months a go . Its was the pilots frist time into Goma , the wheather was bad , So when he pop out of the clouds he saw a runway .Goma cleared him to land , on short final he thought F$%^ this is short . He landed 12 meter befor the runway and then the gear collapsed. The pilots got out and the A/C burned to the ground

The L410 pax where found by the UN coz there saw people walking out of the bush , To my understanding people got killed and owner thought his A/C was on its way to Angola

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