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8th Oct 2004, 13:03
Having been alerted of the existance of an E version of AC120-27, apparently about to be issued due to problems with version D, I am trying to get hold of a draft version. I am failing utterly.

Is there an E version in the works or am I misinformed?

If Iím not misinformed, where is it available in any form?


Iron City
8th Oct 2004, 14:52
AC120-27D is the current version (August 11, 2004) This web site has the current AC list:


If there is still a question try Dave Cann at FAA Headquarters AFS-300 ([email protected])

8th Oct 2004, 17:08
The only draft AC in the 120 series I see is 120-SUR, Aircraft Surveillance Systems and Applications. Although this AC does include a weight-and-balance component, it sure doesn't seem to be a follow-on to 120-27D.

This being said, it doesn't "prove the negative"--the fact that 120-27E is not listed doesn't mean it's not in the pipeline.

FYI: you can find draft ACs at http://www1.airweb.faa.gov/Regulatory_and_Guidance_Library/rgDAC.nsf/MainFrame?OpenFrameSet


10th Oct 2004, 08:29
I've been scourging the FAA websites and a few other databases with regulations as well. If I don't hear anything shortly I will give them a call. Thank you both.