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7th Oct 2004, 23:49
Anyone know where there are any Queenairs in the UK apart from the big chunk of one that I have in my garage?

I'm trying to find parts or pics for the instrument panel in my home sim project.

I don't think that there are any active on the UK register but maybe there are one or two languishing out there.

8th Oct 2004, 20:48
G-KEAC is at Little Gransden. A month ago she was dumped outside and looked wingless but complete. Might be worth getting in contact with Yakuk who own the airlield contact details at http://www.yakuk.co.uk/. I know of no other Queenairs in the UK. Had a nice flight on the Clyde Surveys one out of White Waltham in the mid 80's.

surely not
9th Oct 2004, 10:14
I'm sure that Northbrook College at Shoreham have a non flying Queen Air that looks outwardly pretty complete.

9th Oct 2004, 12:12
Thanks for the replies.

My Queenair is ex Northbrook college and the one they have now doesn't have the parts that I need, I've already tried that one ;)

I think that G-KEAC may have been the sister ship to mine, since mine is G-KEAB.

I will see what I can do to follow up the Little Gransden lead.

Check out my website from my profile for pics.

Negative 'G'
9th Oct 2004, 17:06
A couple of Years ago(2000) a friend of mine took an interest in N70AA which was formally G-KEAA I think. We viewed it at Southend initially & then about a year later by shear coincidence I saw it parked up at Sleap looking like it hadn't been used for ages !

Maybe do a search on a spotters site to see whats happened to it, it could still be at Sleap I've not been their for a while Zzzzzzz:rolleyes:

Neg G :D

9th Oct 2004, 17:48
If I recall correctly the KEA part of the registration refers to Kent Executive Aviation . The machine at Little Gransden is minus instrument panel but I know the previous owner still has it so I will make enquiries if you wish.

9th Oct 2004, 18:47
Yes, My Queenair was last registered to Kent executive aviation.

Any enquiries on my behalf would be grately appreciated.

the egg man
16th Oct 2004, 07:18
i worked on a queenair 20 years ago as a trainee at biggin hill
a real beast of an aircraft as i remember it.

16th Oct 2004, 13:33
According to all my research so far, there are no Queenairs active on the UK register.

I've been in touch with Mark at YakUK , many thanks for that info.

I'm still looking for anymore info on my Queenair tho, pics especially.

17th Oct 2004, 14:44
The latest edition of Wrecks & Relics lists G-AVDR at Brunel Technical College and G-AVDS on the dump at Filton

17th Oct 2004, 18:49
Amazing what these PPrune folk have at their disposal! No apologies for quality, it was a long time ago (76) with a dreadful camera.

18th Oct 2004, 19:42
Thanks for the info and the pics. I'm following new leads and the aircraft in the pics looks like its trim must have been the same as mine, since the seats I have look exactly the same.

I'll post some new pics on my site soon as the interior progresses. I haven't done much recently because I've been researching ,emailing and also "flying" the sim.

Keep the info coming please, it's much appreciated.

18th Oct 2004, 20:44
G-AVNG, G-AVDR, G-AVDS. Wow a real blast from the past!

Flew with Capn' Bill Sharples on the Saturday 'pools runs in the 60s in NG from Speke.

Flew DR and DS around the Gulf for Gulfair in the mid 70s.

When my scanner is 's' again will try and post some pics of the latter.



19th Oct 2004, 15:03
There is a complete, minus engines one at the airport nearest me, but that of course is here in Australia - not much good to you I guess! :}

First aeroplane I ever flew on was a Queenair of Connellan Airways at the tender age of a few DAYS old!

23rd Oct 2004, 15:54
This may be of some use


27th Oct 2004, 07:42
Thanks again for the pictures. I'm still looking for close ups of the sub panel lightplates so that I can have some made in the absence of second hand ones turning up.

I did the 400 mile round trip to LT Gransden but the panels were not in the aircraft, though I did get some other parts essential to my Simulator.

15th Nov 2004, 19:04
Tiger Mate.

Could you please adjust the size of your pics to 640 x 480. The resolution is not good and the page goes off the planet!

16th Nov 2004, 06:13
I would if I could but after a hard drive crash I am yet to get back up to airspeed with FTP software. Will do asap, although all three pics are on a single scan and the size quoted would leave the overall image tiny.

30th Nov 2004, 17:34
Well it.s been quite a while since I started this thread and its actually over six months since I started searching for the parts and info.
Many of my emails to Queenair operators the world over have gone unanswered, and I think that I have found out where all the existing Queenairs are in the UK and contacted the people in question. But if you have a Queenair and you haven't heard from a crazy guy building a sim, let me know.

Anyone out there with any connections, anywhere, please let me know. I really do need these panels or detailed info so that I can have copies manufactured.