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7th Oct 2004, 16:33

IŽd like to find out how the ground refueling procedure is done in other companies.
I fly 737-classics and NG, and on limitations chapter, it states that for the center tank to be with more than 453kgs/1000lbs, the wing tanks must be full. However , it's common to find the center tank with much more than that before the wing tanks are full. After the procedure done, wings will be full, and center with whatever is needed. Our maintenance manual says it's OK according to M/M, wich we do not have access to. It looks contradictory, though...
Anybody can give me a light in there?

thanks for the replies


8th Oct 2004, 10:17
During fueling it is normal to put fuel in all the tanks at the same time, presuming you intend to have full wings at the end of it!! the limitation you refer to is an inflight structural limit that's why you always emptys the centre tank first