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7th Oct 2004, 04:37
Just read an interesting article that Amerijet out of Ft Lauderdale
has modified a 727-200, and is offering zero g rides for $3000.

The back of the aircraft is stripped except for the usual padding around the cabin, and I believe they do around 15 parabola's while the customers float around and/ or regurgitate their last meal.

I imagine the Russians have already done this, but I think it's unprecedented in the west.

Anyone with more information?

7th Oct 2004, 08:54
3k x a few punters for an hour and a bit = tidy sum ?

Genghis the Engineer
7th Oct 2004, 13:07
Say $200,000 for a reasonable elderly 727, $50,000 to mod the back of the aeroplane and get an STC $3000/hr in running costs including the crew. Let's say 10 punters per go, one 2hr trips per day, working Monday to Friday.

If they can really get away with $3000/ride, they'll be in profit by the end of the second week, and making $m/mth thereafter.

Damn, why didn't I think of it first.

However, you seem to be correct, a quick websearch shows http://www.nogravity.com/ and http://www.amerijet.com/news/news31.html

(I'm sure by the way that my guesstimate is miles out - the operating costs will be rather greater including training / briefing, etc, but on the other hand the website says they'll take up to 27 people at a time. As JT says, a nice little earner.)


8th Oct 2004, 21:19
They`ll also need to modify the fuel ,oil, and hydraulics, otherwise it could all go very quiet;; oh , yes , and the WC (`JOHN`) ....:uhoh:

8th Oct 2004, 21:36
That's another $2000 if you want us to switch the engines back on Sir. :E

The Invisible Cat
8th Oct 2004, 23:02
One thunk there's been a thread in JB (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=147399) on the very same subject.

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Genghis the Engineer
9th Oct 2004, 01:05
Presumably a standard aircraft lavvie can handle zero g so long as you aren't actually using it at the time - anybody know the regs?