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2nd Oct 2004, 23:02
In this morning's Sunday Star Times is an article about the security of regional flights in New Zealand.

The article states that a number of passengers carried box cutters on board Saab340 and ATR72 regional flights to expose the lack of regional security.

A photo is included showing the box cutter being held while on a Saab340, presumably while it is in flight.

A statement was made that the Cabin Crew were alerted to the fact that the passenger was carrying these prohibited items to which replies were made saying that was okay as they see them carried all the time.

These persons have deliberately committed a crime and should be charged knowing full well that they set out to carry these prohibited items.

It does not surprise me that cabin crew make these stupid remarks as I have seen that happen before over other matters, but to not take these items off the owner when offered to them, as stated in the article, defies description.

I think the article stated that on one occasion the owner was relieved of the object.

Jounalists may think that they have a right to expose a lack of security by this article but they should also expect to suffer the consequences of their actions. Nothing less than a day in court.

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BCF Breath
3rd Oct 2004, 01:41
03 October 2004

A Sunday Star-Times investigation has exposed alarming holes in our airport security - and a world terrorism expert is urging the government to plug the gaps.
Reporters carrying box cutters in their cabin baggage boarded aircraft at seven New Zealand airports last week.

Once on board, the reporters offered to hand over the box cutters - similar to those used to control cabin crew in the September 11 attacks in 2001 - to the crew, but on several occasions were told not to. One flight attendant said: "Don't worry, we won't tell anyone," while another said "no problem, we get scissors and all sorts on these flights".

Our reporters flew Air New Zealand flights last Tuesday and Wednesday on return routes between Auckland and New Plymouth, Auckland and Palmerston North, Wellington and Napier and Christchurch and Invercargill.

Our investigation suggests glaring inconsistencies in aviation security at airports around the country are leaving passengers and crew on many domestic routes vulnerable to potential terrorist activity.

etc, etc, etc

see: http://www.stuff.co.nz/stuff/sundaystartimes/0,2106,3052804a6005,00.html
for more "Great" reporting.:yuk:

the maori mobster
3rd Oct 2004, 02:18
oh bro

just finking to myself that if you can take boxcutters, scissors and wham tapes thru then why not.

all those places you stated don't have security screens. so no wonder your intrepid reporters managed to take all those wham tapes through. come up to the east coast and the bro's from "Bro Town" will put you thru our screening gate. we'll sort you out.

che bro there is no security in nz. why hijack somephing from here. where are u going to take it to west auckland so the boys can strip it down and sell it for spare parts in 4 mintues flat?

by the way i have a slight used passegner seat that could be used for watching the telly in the front room aye. comes with build in tilt back and an ashtray.any offers? going cheap?

3rd Oct 2004, 06:18
Of course if EVERY passenger had a knife/boxcutter/bloody big stick then they'd well & truly outnumber the rare 2 or 3 hijackers. Sort of makes a mockery of the the current security philosophy...

Pool Boy
3rd Oct 2004, 08:50
A slow news week, so let's pull out the old aviation beat up. No domestic aircraft with less than 90 seats in NZ is subject to the usual security measures around the world. It's a pragmatic view that the cut off mark for the xray and body screening should be for 73s and above. Not perfect but the line had to be drawn somewhere. journos( i use that word hesitantly) have taken advantage of this fact and contructed an "aircraft - danger - death"story/headline for the sunday front page. i could hear people with half a brain sighing around the country, when they opened the paper this morning. once again the aviation industry is an easy target for the papers to stir. A petrol tanker could do alot more damage than a hijacked saab, but hey the headline "hitch hikers carry pen knifes" would not sell enough papers i think. Tossers.

Far Canard
3rd Oct 2004, 23:49
The security arrangement is based on the damage a turboprop would do if it was used in a 911 event.

Imagine the security levy if they demanded full scale checking. "The airfare is $100 and the security levy is $200"

You have to understand that most Sunday papers cater for morons. This is the sort of rubbish that grabs a moron's attention and sell papers.

Cloud Cutter
4th Oct 2004, 01:50
Well said Pool Boy and Far Canard.

There are far greater terrorism risks than a Saab or ATR. Security levies are already high enough.:rolleyes: :yuk:

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