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2nd Oct 2004, 17:19
Quick Question then I'll delete.

In 1969 I remember seeing a Lancaster as gate guard at RAF Scampton.
Is this the same plane that is now call Just Jane and based at East Kirkby in Lincolnshire ?
If not, what happened to it ?



2nd Oct 2004, 19:27
Yes it is.
Flew back to the UK from Australia among other strange acomlishments.

2nd Oct 2004, 21:04
JDK - Check your dates! Just Jane was still airworthy in 1969 !
Her last flight was on the 26th of June 1970.
I would suggest that the Lancaster on the gate at Scampton was R5868 shortly before she was despatched to the RAFM Hendon.

2nd Oct 2004, 22:27
quite right RD, I didn't even look at the date. From the WRG Database (http://www.warbirdregistry.org/):
"Serial #: R5868
Construction #: ?
Civil Registration:
_ None
_ B Mk. I
_ Vickers
Name: S for Sugar
Status: Airworthy "(Hmmm. Not really!)"
Last info: 2004
_ History:
Delivered to RAF as R5868.
- Assigned to 83 Sqn/467 Sqn as PO-S.
- Flew 137 sorties.
RAF Wroughton, Sept. 1, 1947-1958.
- Stored.
RAF Scampton, 1958-1970.
- Gate Guard.
RAF Bicester, Aug. 24, 1970-1972.
- Restored for RAF Museum.
RAF Museum, Hendon, Mar. 20, 1972-2004.
- Displayed as R5868/PO-S."


"Serial #: NX611
Construction #: ?
Civil Registration:
_ B Mk. VII
_ MR. Mk. 7
_ Austin
Name: Just Jane
Status: Display*
Last info: 2002
*NX611 retains ability to taxi under own power.
_ History:
Built by Austin Motors Ltd, Birmingham, 19??.
Delivered to Aeronavale as WU-15, New Caladonia.
- BOC: June 1952.
- SOC: 1964.
- Delivered to Noumea-Sydney, Australia for HAPS, Aug. 1964.
Malcom D.N. Fisher/Historic Aircraft Preservation Society, Biggin Hill, Oct. 22, 1964-1967.
- Registered as G-ASXX.
- Delivered to Biggin Hill from Sydney, Australia, May 13, 1965-1967.
Reflectaire Museum, Lacenham/Squires Gate, May 19, 1967-1972.
- Last flight, delivery from Lavenham to Squires Gate, June 26, 1970.
Lord Ilford, April 1972-1984.
- Loaned to RAF Scrampton, Aug. 1973-1988.
-- Arrived disassembled.
-- Displayed as gate guard "YF-C".
Fred & Harold Panton/Lincolnshire Aviation Heritage Center, East Kirby, 1983-2002.

There we go!
- Delivered by road from Scrampton to East Kirby, Apr. 1988.
- Restored to taxi condition.
- Displayed as NX611/CM-V/"Just Jane"."

3rd Oct 2004, 07:04
And how smart NX611 looked guarding the gate at that fine old bomber station back when we could afford an air force bigger than a flying club....

There's nothing on the gate there any more...:(

3rd Oct 2004, 10:11
Very true BEagle, but to balance things out slightly, NX611 now fulfils an important role as a unique live memorial to the 55,000 men of Bomber Command who left these shores never to return. And of course, this also means she is maintained in a running condition, under cover and away from the elements, all of which will help to ensure her preservation for far longer than if she'd still been sat outside.

I do take your point though; it used to be nice to have an air force which was big enough to fulfil all the roles demanded of it... :{

3rd Oct 2004, 13:09
Yes indeed - great praise should go to the chaps at East Kirkby who keep her in such splendid 'living' condition!

3rd Oct 2004, 14:57
Thanks Guys for all the info. Just what I needed.
Here are a couple of pics of G-ASXX taken at Hurn just after she returned from Australia.

Pics by JN.



5th Oct 2004, 18:34

Much as I hate to disagree, I'll think you'll find those pictures were taken at Biggin rather than Hurn. She was parked just off the south GA apron in front of what is now jet Aviation's hangar. In the second picture can be seen the old Surrey and Kent flying club (far too many "Happy Hours" spent there) and in the background the building with the white external stairs is I believe what is now Jock Maitlands Air dispalys int office.
The Hangar in the background is the old surreys building whick has long since gone and was replaced by the current Avtech hangar. Sadly I didn't work there when the lanc was present but have seen her since at East Kirkby and thought the museum was very testefully done.


5th Oct 2004, 19:21

This is spookey. This afternoon I was talking to JN who took the pictures. He said they were taken at EGKB not EGHH.
I thought nobody would know so I left it !!!!!
Well done mate !!


A bit off topic jb, but what do you think of the car on the left of the pic. Is it a Corsair Estate or maybe a Sunbeam Alpine ? Any ideas ?

5th Oct 2004, 20:12
A bit off topic jb, but what do you think of the car on the left of the pic. Is it a Corsair Estate or maybe a Sunbeam Alpine ? Any ideas ?

Looks like a Vauxhall Victor estate to me. You can see it rusting from here.

6th Oct 2004, 18:38
Similar time - better car..

Excuse the quality - it's a dusty old print I dug out..


Sultan Ismail
7th Oct 2004, 02:04
Car Trivia

I would also agree on the Vauxhall Victor Estate, and I seem to remember that roof was pink!

In the last photograph can I suggest from left to right, Ferrari GTO, Ford Anglia (or Prefect), Mini (a real Issigonis one not the ersatz BMW thing), Humber Sceptre and another Mini.

Anorak mode off

9th Oct 2004, 08:52
I think its a Cortina MK1 rather than an Anglia, back windows and fins don't looked raked enough.
Can't comment about the Humber Sceptre, I did see on a few years ago but only from the inside! How?, well I got a ride in one years ago from a friend who's now a senior BAL F/O. It was memorable because I was shareing the front floor space, (note not seat!!!) with a pushbike, and god knows how many fag ends and half eaten Kebabs and all his old crap as he was goin home for Xmas. Oh and the engine compartment leaked exhaust fumes, for the 5 mile trip, it nearly killed me. So If anyone from the white hatters has an F/O with a bit of a habbit for depositing fags, kebabs and pushbikes next to the rudder pedals and has a penchant for shite british cars, its him!

9th Oct 2004, 09:15

Cortina? I would vote for a Ford of some sort - I can't see the back window or fins??

9th Oct 2004, 10:41
Cortina MK1 see here

Anglia see here

for a decent ford see here :ok:

I'm still too traumatised by the Sceptre incident to even look for one of those :yuk:

9th Oct 2004, 13:45
The Ferrari is a 275 GTB. Rare but not as rare as the 250 GTO.

9th Oct 2004, 17:03
In an attempt to get this Thread back on course ! I am posting this picture of TB25N N9089Z. Taken at Biggin Hill the same time as the pics. of G-ASXX.
Could it be the same aircraft that is in the background of the picture posted by jabberwok ?

Oh, and some nice old cars in the foreground too !

pic. from JN.


9th Oct 2004, 21:27
And to carry on with the off-topic (appologies etc) from elft to right:

Rover P4 75
Hillman Minx
Land Rover
Jaguar Mk VII
? Possibly another Hillman Minx from pre-war

10th Oct 2004, 12:08
Blimey! These photos take me back. I have a pic of me as a eleven year old in the cockpit of G-XX at Biggin, taken just after my first flight in a Chippy. My Dad's best friend, a former Lancaster pilot, was one of the group looking after it.

I remember the B25 for other reaons too. After getting out of the Lancaster I ran towards it (It was parked in some long grass) and neatly skewered my leg on a piece of rusty angle iron resting on some bricks. I still have the scar today!

Sultan Ismail
11th Oct 2004, 04:27
Wrapping up the car trivia

The car on the extreme right is a 1935'ish Sunbeam-Talbot

12th Oct 2004, 03:42
Chipmunk? The one in the background?


More "interesting" cars for some to pick over..

12th Oct 2004, 07:10
Yep, looks like G-APTS which appears to have emigrated to Aus.

Is that still Biggin? Outside the Surrey Aviation Hangar? Sunbeam Alpine behind the Tiger? (Or better yet a Subeam Tiger?) :ok:

The Mitchell is now at North Weald looking very much the wrose for wear. Was used to film the War Lover and 633 Sqn, later at the Southend museum.


12th Oct 2004, 12:11
Sunbeam Alpine (the Tiger never had those horrid fins, neither did later Alpines) and a Standard Vanguard III estate car. Can't quite see what's behind the Chippie though.

And it was indeed a Mk 1 Cortina in the earlier photo, not a Humber Sceptre.

12th Oct 2004, 14:16
Yes it's still Biggin although I can't confirm the actual location on the airfield as I was just "passing by". For completeness here's the only other shot taken on that visit. Not so exciting but it may stir some memories - if only for the phone box..


12th Oct 2004, 14:30
I'd say the first shot was taken outside Surrey Aviation looking towards the area now opccupied by Shipping and Airliens - think those houses in the background are part of the estate just off the main road that passes the civil enclave gate.

Second picture is also Surrey Aviation UNLESS it's the "Express Aviation" hangar the other side of 29... I don't remember the telephone box, but it's more likely Surrey Av.

Was very impressed to look under the bonnet of a Sunbeam Tiger once - how did they get that engine in...? 4.2 litre was it?

12th Oct 2004, 17:52
Jabberwok- I've just checked the Chippy photo and it's a different one, same club though, Surrey and Kent. The one I'm standing next to, with a grin the size of a watermelon, (me not the aircraft!) has the number 20 on the fin- can't see the reg though. Red and white colour scheme.

I've just found another pic taken through the bomb aimer's perspex of G-XX and can see what appears to be a white, not silver, P51 with drop tanks and a cover over cockpit and engine, parked on the apron about 50 metres from the tower.

13th Oct 2004, 05:13
Same BAL f/o had an Alpine too, remembering him sand blasting, (restoring allegedly), it on the road outside the house. It was so shagged the floor panels were blown away and it ended up more like a flintstones car!
White P51? I think that Charles Masefield from BAe flew one which was white, around that time....

13th Oct 2004, 07:23
Oi! This forum is AIRCRAFT HISTORY & NOSTALGIA! The cars are interesting I agree...................

The hangar with Chippy (TG) outside is Cobby's delight and the other pic is also outside his hangar.