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Big Toe
30th Sep 2004, 12:31
829 Naval Air Squadron has recently reformed at RNAS Culdrose, operating Merlin HM 1. As part of the re-commissioning a booklet is being produced detailing the history of the squadron. Does anyone have any images of the Whirlwind that they wouldn't mind being used in it? Any image would be welcome, but of particular interest are colour scans of 829 NAS a/c in HMS Endurance/HMS Protector Flight's colour scheme. Mandy Sheppard is working on a painting showing as many of the squadron's past aircraft as possible and contemporary photos will help her render the paint schemes really accurately. Please PM me if you can offer any assistance with this.

Many thanks

Background Noise
30th Sep 2004, 16:27
Think there's one at Duxford - some of your lot should be there for Oct show next w/e. Don't know what livery though. What about westland heli museum in Weston super mare (or somewhere near there).

Could try this request in rotorheads forum also(?)

Have you googled?

Big Toe
30th Sep 2004, 16:58
BN -
Thanks for the advice, have tried all the usual resources like WHL and the museum, some pictures of Ww's, but not much in Antarctic livery yet. My hope is that someone will have an old photo album that they haven't shared with the more established photo libraries and they might be persuaded to do some scanning in the near future. I will cross-post if nothing much happens here in...Nostalgia... but I'll stick with this at the moment.

Chairborne 09.00hrs
30th Sep 2004, 17:51
BT - an enquiry here:


or here:


might get a result.

Best of luck.

30th Sep 2004, 19:30
Big Toe

PM me - my (late) father was Captain of HMS Endurance 78-80. I've got a load of his pictures here, of course all with Wasps. It might be possible to get to some of his contacts to get pictures, though.

I guess you have gone through the obvious official channels?

I'll get ticked off by the mod, but you may find joy in the Military section of pprune - seems that many don't leave that area, although it's largely light blue....

30th Sep 2004, 20:22
Big Toe - Contact Aeroventure at Doncaster . They have a former
H.M.S Endurance Whirlwind HAR.9 on display . Alongside her is a Whirlwind HAR.1 formerly on H.M.S Protector which belongs to the Yorkshire Helicopter Preservation Group .
Contact either group and you should get the information you require.

30th Sep 2004, 20:49
South Yorkshire Air Museum's Whirly page (http://www.syam.freehosting.net/photo2.html)

Big Toe
30th Sep 2004, 21:53
Excellent links and leads, thanks to all. Interesting to read that XN386 was in storage at Wroughton in the 70's - I remember crawling over a similar helo in a hangar there when I was on a Sea Cadet summer camp around 1978! Small world indeed.

Big Toe
1st Oct 2004, 12:11
Thanks for that link, I must admit I was surprised by the colour scheme shown in your photo. I've emailed Bill, so I'll see what comes of that. The Protector Association website is excellent by the way.

1st Oct 2004, 20:17
These were taken in 78-80 - my dad was the Captain, and I'm the winch weight!

http://www.greatnationalcamera.com/album/users/[email protected]/10966533124.jpg

http://www.greatnationalcamera.com/album/users/[email protected]/10966533121.jpg

http://www.greatnationalcamera.com/album/users/[email protected]/10966533123.jpg

http://www.greatnationalcamera.com/album/users/[email protected]/10966533122.jpg