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Sheikh Zabik
23rd Dec 2004, 20:19
Fantastic News Captain MB! Hope you and your family have the very best Christmas.

So far as Captain de La Mutley is concerned I guess that'll be another medal from David Dastardly for another job well $cked up! (must be running out of room for them all!)

May you have a severe bout of very uncomfortable indigestion on Christmas day!!!
:D :D :D

Captain Correlli
23rd Dec 2004, 23:31
Mel - all the very best, and the very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. I suggest this is NOT a shot acros OUR bows, it is rather a shot across the bows of the pathetic, vindictive, incompetent, totaly effing useless BRITISH AIRWAYS management, ie TDLF and those of the brown-nosed variety of management following him.
You have done us all a favor by standing up to this intimidation, I hope you and your family enjoy not only the Festive Season, but also a long and happy professional career of your choice! :ok:

The Little Prince
24th Dec 2004, 17:41
Ten thousand congratulations, I know I speak for all of us when I say how pleased we are! There was never ANY doubt about who was in the right, but we have seen the blatant mismanagement and intimidation before, the refusal to admit they were wrong and to keep piling on the pressure till the relevant pilot in the cross hairs just gave up. Well they chose wrong this time m'dear! Hurray for you, and by inference, us all. Just maybe it would be icing on the cake if TDLF and your brown-nosing Fleet and Deputy Manager were sued..........don't we have a legal connection in the family as well in BALPA.......

The single main thing is you're back, and with, wait for it...

:ok: :D NO CASE TO ANSWER :D :ok:

I wonder how much wasted money and effort this all adds up to? I do so hope Skippy takes it off DLF's KPI bonus!;)

Captain Correlli
1st Jan 2005, 12:02
Just a quick one to get this thread to the top again. Any update? There are lots of us hoping that the Captain takes a good lawyer and counter sues for stress, wrongful accusation, management malpractice, constructive accusation etc etc.
If this started as supposedly a shot across our bows, I think it only fair to return the compliment with interest. I would LOVE to be in the court at the time. Does Flying Lawyer have a view on this??

Here's hoping....:}

Fosters Expat
3rd Jan 2005, 13:41

Whoever you are, and from under which ever stone you crawled, may I be so bold as to ask you crawl back......

You clearly are a bit of a pratt!

Better communication between operating crew and the applicable operations department, is what's needed. Not the display of arrogance you so happily show us all here on Pprune.
Your kind of attitude makes you a danger to not only yourself, but to your company. Do you pay any attention during CRM?
You are a small part of a very big team, the sooner you realise that, the better!


Good to see that the inept BACX management have at long last put this matter to bed. This was an issue that should have been cleared up after one meeting.

Wishing all at BACX a very Happy New Year!

mel buchanan
5th Jan 2005, 09:42
Hi Everybody

Thought I'd post a message to those of you who've supported me through this site. Thank you all so very much, it's been a bit of an ordeal and suffice to say it's not over yet!

I don't know any of your identities so unless you 'reveal yourselves to me' I won't know who you are! This case has certainly increased my resolve to challenge 'authority' not weakened it.

As I said during my disciplinary hearing, faced with the same circumstances I'd make the same decision again, that is what I'm paid to do, not to be bullied and intimidated into operating when I consider it unsafe.

Hope you all had a good Christmas and New Year.


Mel Buchanan

5th Jan 2005, 10:29
If we all operated with the same resolve, morale would improve overnight.

6th Jan 2005, 17:27
Dear Mel,

Great to hear from you. Many congrats, glad to hear it isn't over yet!
A brilliant pilot, a ballsy character, and a beautiful girl - I wish you all the very best for the future! You didn't shirk your responsibility to your passengers, to your crew, to yourself, to your Industry, and oddly enough, to your Company - though I doubt TDLF has the nowse to see it like that yet.

Look forward to flying with you again soon. :ok:

Ghengis Cant
11th Jan 2005, 20:07
Interesting to hear that Mr DF has recently been pressing hard for a job in a certain BA Fleet office.

Obviously doesn't want to play Citiexpress anymore.

Nothing to do with the bloody nose he got in this shameful debacle of course!

A bit prem to get the champagne on ice but boy will there be a party.......................

Sheikh Zabik
11th Jan 2005, 20:15
Trying to join his mate big Al then ??(whose popularity seems to be going from strength to strength!!!) ;)

Volmet South
12th Jan 2005, 18:45
Interesting to hear that Mr DF has recently been pressing hard for a job in a certain BA Fleet office.

Given that he took a load of RJ-100s off the BA books and lumped CitiEx with a financial headache, they owe him a favour or two :yuk:

Rider of the Purple Sage
15th Jan 2005, 07:53
I don't have any sympathy for DF, but I don't dislike the guy personally (he's bought me the odd beer on his expense account). However, I'm sure he's really only able to 'manage' BACX within certain mainline guidelines. He might even want to give us all mainline Ts and Cs, but can't say so. When Edders pulls his strings, he has to jump or find a new job. He probably even knows that it's not OUR fault we've been landed with BA style overheads, but again, what can he do? Fall on his sword? Would YOU do that for heavens sake?

Just keep praying that whichever beancounter is really i/c the year end numbers decides to show us as making a profit!!

Seeya :uhoh: