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28th Sep 2004, 06:09
Is anyone else getting fed up with changes to frequent flier programme conditions which are constantly being 'upgraded' and actually REDUCE the benefits available to the member?

KLM's Flying Dutcham programme has, in the last year, restricted business lounge access to gold & platinum card holders only and their latest letter reiterates this by saying that access for silver card holders will be limited to those holding business or first class tickets. ie to those passengers who will have access anyway!

As a regular user of KLM, but not frequently enough to achieve 'gold' status, I find it annoying that this useful 'perk' has been withdrawn and by doing so gives me little incentive to continue flying with them.
Incidentally, emails to KLM expressing my disappointment at the reduction in benefits to members have been ignored.

Anyone else have similar views?


28th Sep 2004, 11:44
Last year BA changed its EC conditions to 'improve' things, which resulted in an extra 30,000 BA miles being required to fly to the Far East

28th Sep 2004, 12:59
I partly agree with the originator of this topic.
- I am a UK member of AC 'Aeoplan' at 'Star Alliance'(*) gold level. There have been improvements with this programme for this year, however some of their *partner airlines have recently cut back on credited miles for discounted economy tickets, eg LH & JK. This makes it more difficult to maintain or gain 'status'!

30th Sep 2004, 10:11
There's a huge website all about Frequent Flyer programmes with separate sections for each carrier. You'll recognise many PPRuNe posters over there too !


7th Oct 2004, 13:20
Right, the only reason I got LH Senator was my commuting from Eastern Europe- almost invariably on very cheap tickets.
Sadly, Senator status lapsed:( but then * Alliance did the status match so I got it back using BA Gold:ok:

7th Oct 2004, 13:39
LH have also made big cut backs in their Miles and More programme - but then they've cut back every other aspect of their European flights, so it's hardly surprising....

And why oh why do they think that everyone eats $odding cheese and lettuce rolls?

They really do need a huge kick up their complacent corporate backsides!

7th Oct 2004, 17:41
Hmm, status match....

I got my Air France Red card by status match when I had Senator status. Now I still have the AF Red card, and Swiss Gold. However, I am on LH FF status. Do you have any pointers to the Star status match offer?

The AF status match has been very useful for long haul upgrades, plus lounge access for the family in Guadeloupe and elsewhere on holiday. LH Senator used to be good for free upgrade coupons, but then when I got it originally, I did close to 500k miles in one year in Business and First. Sadly, my employer got taken over by an economy-only company, perhaps because we spent so much on travel.

Anyway, details of an LH or any other status match offer would be welcome. I remeber scanning and sending a copy of the AF offer to a friend a few years back, and he got it too. Scanning and attaching any offer documents could make sense here.


Oh, and meant to mention that the solution to KLM woes might be to earn miles on some other alliance member card instead of KLM. AF or AZ, for example. I remember having the KLM "Courtesy Card" many years ago when I lived in Holland. Bliss. Automatic long haul upgrades to First, provided you asked. I wonder whether it still exists somewhere in their secretive structure.