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22nd Sep 2004, 09:33
Not Football !
On Monday arrived MAN T1 at 1545 and faced the hell hole of T1 international arrivals. While waiting at carousel 3 for my bags I became aware of a sole bag circulating said belt. Thinking it a little odd I gave it a closer look, and saw that it was identified ALC on a WW flight. Being a little slow on the uptake (I'm a MAN based A/C Engineer) I dismissed it, however on reflection ralised that it was an outbound bag on an arrivals belt. There would be a passenger jumping up and down in ALC with no bag and that MAN wouldn't be able to find it because it was in Arrivals. Retrieving my airside pass from my wallet I went to the Baggage Hall staff to report it, found a Supervisor, identified myself as staff and was greeted with "Oh Yeah we know about it , It's been there ALL DAY" She walked off - end of subject. Apathy rules.
So in the unlikely event that you (the bag owner) ever reads this somebody tried to get you your bag - and failed.

This is the abreviated version actual conversation much longer and much more heated !