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19th Sep 2004, 20:23
My Dad has a vague recollection two separate Meteor crashes in Essex during the 1950's. One apparently came down in a residential area in Westcliff, with the loss of the pilot; a second crashed in Benfleet, killing people on the ground, but the pilot ejected, landing near the Woodcutter's Arms in Thundersley.

Can anyone offer any further information or point me in the right direction?

19th Sep 2004, 21:02
10.9.1951, Meteor F8 VZ510 from 263 Sqdn, broke up in the air during a test flight and crashed at Westfield Park Drive, Westcliff on Sea, Essex (Pilot + 3 on the ground killed)

12.4.1952, Metoer F8 WF700 from 41 Sqdn Engine caught fire and abandoned. Aircraft crashed at South Benfleet, Essex.

Interestingly enough, in 1952 alone, the RAF lost 507 aircraft, with the loss of 318 aircrew, more than we have in the whole inventory now!

I have only searched up to 1955, so there may be more....

19th Sep 2004, 21:10
Interestingly enough, in 1952 alone, the RAF lost 507 aircraft, with the loss of 318 aircrewWow!:oh: And I thought the West German's F-104 accident rate was bad!

19th Sep 2004, 23:24
Thanks Zlin...the old fella will be glad to know he hasn't lost all his marbles

20th Sep 2004, 00:03

Check your PM's.

20th Sep 2004, 07:59
I have only searched up to 1955

Was that on the net? If so, could you give a pointer please?

20th Sep 2004, 10:13
Thats very interesting & I'd like to know more about these two crashes. Westfield Park Drive is not far from where I was born - a few years later I should add!

20th Sep 2004, 23:48
For those interested, the info came from a book published by Air Britain called 'Broken Wings'. Not sure if it's still available, but its a mine of info on all post war RAF aircraft losses.

Makes ya weep reading about all those aircraft lost in the 50s:{

henry crun
21st Sep 2004, 10:06
Thanks for that Zlin.

I have done a search in Amazon and an advanced search in Google without any success.

If anyone has suggestions as to where I could get a copy please let me know.

21st Sep 2004, 10:53
Hope you have some luck with these:


henry crun
22nd Sep 2004, 04:19
Thank you cringe.

23rd Sep 2004, 17:46

The full title of the book is:

BROKEN WINGS, Post-war Royal Air Force Accidents

by James J Halley MBE

and published by Air Britain (Historians) Ltd in 1999

ISBN Number 0 81530 290 4

I got mine as a 'shop soiled' (tatty cover) copy at the Air Britain stand at Old Warden a few years ago...

Hope that helps..:)