View Full Version : primary gliders

19th Sep 2004, 15:52
A few years ago many CCFs and ATCs had these bungy launched primary gliders.

What happened to them all - stored/dumped or what ?

I would like to find one that my local atc squadron might restore.

19th Sep 2004, 17:07
I know of one that is basically intact, although it's uncovered - if you're serious, PM me and I'll let you know where to contact the owner of the hangar it's in, he can probably tell you who owns it and whether it's for sale.

19th Sep 2004, 20:40
Sorry to hijack the thread but you might be interested to know that the anual bungee launch camp took place in Mauborget in Switzerland last week-end.

look here (http://a60planeur.free.fr/Manifestations/Mauborget%202004.htm) (in French but the pics are quite self-explanatory)