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17th Sep 2004, 11:17
I would like to express my thoughts of Hellas Jet.

I recently flew from Manchester to Athens aboard Hellas Jet. The tickets (cheaper than other airlines) were purchased on the internet. From the moment i boarded i was astonished with the quality of this airline.

The cabin was beautifully presented and the seats were roomy, comfortable, clean, and the leg room was vast.

Staff were very friendly, the meal was nice and i got off at my destination feeling like i had just been on the sofa at home.

GOOD WORK HELLAS JET, KEEP IT UP. Hopefully you will be flying to all the places i go to in the future so i wont have to put up with the shoddy services from your inferior competitors.

If you can fly with them, do so.

Rwy in Sight
19th Sep 2004, 23:11

Did you enjoy the ice cream as well? And let me put you on a little secret: if you like a second meal just ask nicely chances are you will get one...

I agree with you their on board service is one of a kind, a reference...

Rwy in Sight

Boss Raptor
20th Sep 2004, 12:32
Good to hear however unfortunately it is heavily rumoured that Cyprus Awys who own Hellas Jet are going to close the company as part of its rationalisation programme for itself to survive

21st Sep 2004, 13:37
I agree wholeheartedly, t_f_c. I've just returned from LHR-ATH-LHR with T4 and they're easily the best thing on this route since Virgin threw in the towel after 11/9.

I'd been avoiding the Manchester route though because - being code-shared with OA - I'd assumed it was on the ghastly Macedonian Airlines metal that OA have been serving up on the MAN-ATH route. That flight has the reciprocal onboard experience - cramped bucket & spade config seats, terrible food (even for a Hellenophile) and some of the worst on-board service I've ever witnessed. (I wouldn't want to work for OA either, though).

Only downside to the HellasJet experience is their insistence on you picking up tickets booked online at the airport rather than posting them to you.

It would be a real pity if Cyprus shut this down - they might help their cash flow a bit if they put the prices up a bit: they're consistently 50 (Y) and 150 (C) cheaper than their OA/BA competition ex-LHR. Otherwise, here's hoping for a management buy-out ;)