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14th Sep 2004, 12:30
Show dog dies in jet's cargo hold

Family grieves loss of prize Rottweiler

Kerry Williamson and Tarina White
Calgary Herald

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

A Calgary couple wants answers after their champion show dog and beloved pet was found dead following a flight from Toronto.

Jim and Jacqueline Can want to know what happened to Ally, their two-year-old Rottweiler, who left Toronto fit and healthy but arrived in Calgary lying dead in her kennel in a pool of feces and vomit.

Jetsgo is investigating the dog's death, while the Can family has sent a lawyer's letter asking for answers and suggesting legal action against the airline.

"This was our loving pet," said Jim Can, adding Ally had flown numerous times. "I believe we deserve an explanation."

The Calgary family flew east on Jetsgo with their children Ceylan, 10, and Jordan, 7, to show Ally in the Rottweiler Club of Canada's annual Niagara Sieger Show, in Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ont.

When the family returned to Calgary on Labour Day Monday, airline officials told them Ally died in her cage on board the plane.

The family was led into a Jetsgo office to see the dog, which was "ice cold" and motionless in her cage, said Jim Can.

Photographs taken of the cage show scratches on the inside and dents on the outside of the door and a side panel. The cage was filled with the dog's vomit, feces, blood and chunks of fur, said Jim.

A spokesman for Jetsgo said the company is investigating the incident. Brad Cicero said it is the first time an animal has died aboard a Jetsgo flight.

"Obviously, there is no disputing the fact that upon arrival in Calgary the dog was deceased, and when it boarded in Toronto it obviously seems to be in reasonable condition," said Cicero. "Obviously, we are very concerned that something like this would happen. We do have some compassion for the family in this situation."

Cicero said an officer from the city police airport unit filed a report on the incident, stating the cage was damaged from the inside.

"The cage was damaged slightly," he said. "But according to the police officer that inspected it, the dog had damaged it from the inside. According to the report, that was the only visible damage."

Jim wants to know what happened to Ally's cage during the flight.

"There is absolutely no way on this planet that she could have possibly . . . exerted panic unless something severe happened to her," said Jim.

The family took the dog to a veterinarian for an autopsy, which revealed Ally choked to death on her vomit.

The dog made three flights within an 11-day period before its death.

Lawyer Dick Olson sent a letter to Jetsgo's head office in Saint-Laurent, Que., on the family's behalf last Wednesday, informing the airline of the dog's death. Jetsgo has yet to respond, Olson said Monday.

Ally was 4 1/2 months old when the the Cans bought her from a Quebec breeder. They began showing Ally almost immediately with the Calgary Kennel Club.

Jacqueline said Ally was like a member of the family.

"She was always very happy and had energy like you'd never seen. The first thing she would do when she saw someone was roll over and give them her belly for a rub," she said.

"She was the dog that was just ecstatic to see you. She was just a really neat dog."

Jacqueline Can said her children have struggled with their pet's death.

"They cried. Our son said the other day 'I wish she would come back, if I could just have her one more time.' My daughter has had nightmares," she said.

"Our family is upset about it, because you won't get another dog like that."

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14th Sep 2004, 12:50
Sorry to all you lovers of this breed, but show dog or not, no loss.

Semaphore Sam
14th Sep 2004, 13:38
Right on, MarkD
This savage breed attacks small children, the weak & defenseless, with regularity. Regrets to the owners, but making pets (and, of all things, show animals) of these misfits is in gross bad taste. I say the only good one, is....well, well done, Jetsgo.
May all Pit Bulls & Rottweilers be given a Jetsgo one-way ticket!

14th Sep 2004, 13:39
Now, this is no s**t (i.e. it's time for an urban legend)...

Years ago Eastern Airlines had a dog in the cargo bay of a 727 that was found expired on arrival by the baggage handlers in MIA. The FE was queried and said yes, he perhaps forgot to turn on the cargo heat switch with a live animal in the hold. The dog's owner was an elderly lady and the customer service agents didn't want to break the sad news while she was waiting on the ramp to watch her dog come off the plane. They told her that her dog did not make it on the flight and would come on the next one. She said the people at LGA had assured her that the dog had been put onboard her flight.

Distraught and enraged, she grabbed a tool from a mechanic's cart and started banging on the the nose gear of the plane. Sensing some bad press coming, the ground folks calmed her down and put her in the first class lounge to wait for the later flight.

A crew was frantically sent to the local pet stores to look for a matching mutt and returned with a reasonably similar but alive dog.

When the second flight arrived, the new dog was fed in the the stream of offloaded luggage and and "reunited" with the owner.

The lady immediately declared "That isn't my dog!" The Eastern reps tried to convince her that it really was her dog, she was just tired and upset.

She countered "That is not my dog. My dog was dead, I was bringing him home to bury him!"

14th Sep 2004, 13:48
I have this vague feeling that we really ought to have more useful things to talk about in this forum than a dead dog? (beyond good dead dog stories :O)

14th Sep 2004, 16:38
Disgusted with the attitude of Mark D and Semaphore Sam, and equally disturbed by the response of a Moderator.

I certainly thought a Moderator might have better standards, obviously not, maybe you should try and think of how many people are compelled to ship livestock.

Yes, it does have a place on this forum.

14th Sep 2004, 17:12
Calm down Kokpit, if the owners Rottweiler had bitten someone I bet they wouldn’t have been so indignant. So the dog died, that will teach the owners next time not to airfreight their dog.

14th Sep 2004, 18:42
Whatever kokpit - I'm sorry that you've chosen to take offence. The facts are:

This is not a livestock forum
This is not a freight forum
This is not a legal forum
The original post doesn't ask a question, or raise a particular issue
Forum users are expected to demonstrate a sense of humour from time to time

In recognition of your strongly held feelings, I'll leave the thread open, but only in order to demonstrate what a broad minded bunch we mods and SLF users are! Chill out - I have 2 dogs of my own]

14th Sep 2004, 19:54
The facts are:

This is not a livestock forum

This is not a freight forum

This is not a legal forum

The original post doesn't ask a question, or raise a particular issue

Forum users are expected to demonstrate a sense of humour from time to time

Funny, I thought this forum was titled Passengers and SLF. Admittedly not the type of freight you're probably used to, but freight nonetheless.

It may well raise a particular issue, unless of course you are privy to the ongoing investigation.

I'll show a sense of humour when others show some tact and sensibility.

14th Sep 2004, 20:04
I Give Up....

14th Sep 2004, 20:45

I have to come clean, the only animals I like apart from the odd beaver are the ones served up on a plate.

B Sousa
14th Sep 2004, 23:16
So whos doing the followup to see what the Autopsy says.
Im betting they gave the dog to much or the wrong tanquilizer........

15th Sep 2004, 23:46
Hmmmmmmm......Remember THIS (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=131152 )

Cargo Clown
17th Sep 2004, 07:39
To be honest the two best phrases to use in airfrreight are....

" No responsibilty due to mortality by natural causes"


" Warsaw Convention, $20 per kilo.....""

Animals die onboard aircraft, and it's nothing to do with with pressurizing/heating holds. The stress on the animal sometimes does it.
More to the point look how many people die on passenger aircraft through factors other than flying, then factor it into the life expectency of a dog......

The lawyers wil get nothing....

Final 3 Greens
18th Sep 2004, 11:05
Cargo Freight

I disagree. They will probably get a decent ex gratia payment to "bury" the story as quietly as possible. ;)

If it was a showdog, I wonder if it was insured? and how much does a Rottweiler weigh, even at Warsaw convention rates, that could be a few bucks!


Tightslot is absolutely right - the dog was not a passenger, it was freight and as it was not self loading, it doesn't fit this forum.

B Sousa
18th Sep 2004, 13:51
"Tightslot is absolutely right - the dog was not a passenger, it was freight and as it was not self loading, it doesn't fit this forum"

And neither is your lost luggage..........but folks still find this the best place to whine about it........

24th Sep 2004, 14:21
I imagine the upset caused to the owners was as much to do with the fact that the animal appeared to suffer in an appalling way rather than having died naturally, big difference I think.