View Full Version : Strange landing at JFK

14th Sep 2004, 11:31
I flew to JFK in January on a 747-400 and we had a landing a bit different to what I have experienced before and would be interested to know why it went the way it did.

The approach was normal (as far as I could tell from my seat) and the touchdown as I have experienced previously. During the landing roll it seemed that the left wing was being forced down (either intentionally or unintentionally). I was able to feel this sensation and see the wing being dropped to what I (as a non commercial pilot) would say as being 'fairly' close to the ground ( I was sat over the left wing). The fact that the was some crashing in the galley near me and subsequently a lot of liquid on the floor kinda told me that it may not have been a common occurence!

I know thatr during a takeoff/landing roll left aileron is used in crosswind blowing to the right. Could this be the reason for the drop of the left wing?

Just interested!!!