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14th Sep 2004, 08:51
Alaska Airlines has some kind of security check, through which the coputer "randomly" picks a few passengers each flight, who will be checked separately and more thoroughly (also their hand luggage)

The explanation was, that the computer randomly choses, but after being picked 5 times out of 5 flights, I don't really believe that. Probably some indications triggered the system, I'm a 24-year old traveller, foreigner, travelling alone... who knows...

Does anyone of you knows what the criterias are? Has this ever happened to one of you?

I’m not complainig, I support security measures because I would like to have a safe flight, too. BUT: Even though being checked separately, they didn’t found my army knife in my hand luggage, which I forgot to take out. That’s worrying…

14th Sep 2004, 10:19
I think this applies to all US domestic flights. There is a computer system that supposedly uses several different criteria to mark people out for special screening. You can sometimes tell that it's going to happen to you because you get the large letters SSSS printed all over your boarding pass. So if you meet the criteria, you might well get selected several times in a trip.

Your story about the knife just makes me laugh. You have to remember that much of this is done simply to make us feel safer.

Ranger One
14th Sep 2004, 23:50
'SSSSSS' can be a bit silly... last week, for automotive reasons, I was obliged to pax it - United, EWR-BUF via IAD.

Male, foreign, last-minute booking with a 3rd-party credit card, one-way, travelling alone.

Wasn't entirely surprised to have 'SSSSSS' all over my boarding pass at EWR.

Was somewhat surprised to leave the secure area during my IAD stopover, and on returning through security notice that my boarding pass for the IAD-BUF sector did *not* have 'SSSSSS' on it - just went through normal screening.

If I was 'risky' enough to merit 'SSSSSS' at initial embarkation, surely it's a bit of a hole to not have me 'SSSSSS' at stops en-route? - I could have picked up *anything* whilst outside the secure zone at IAD...



Romeo Delta
16th Sep 2004, 23:52
I've noticed this a lot while flying as a pax in the last year. When I've recieved the dreaded SSSS on my initial flight, the next leg never has the SSSS mark. I'm guessing it means that the airlines assume you will just be going to your next flight, and not going outside to smoke or get something out of the car (that your partner drove up and left while you were in the air, or something).

Might be something for the airlines to consider...


21st Sep 2004, 21:45
As a crewmember I most often get the SSSS.s when I commute. The reason for that is that our company only buys One Way tickets. That alone, will get you the SSSS,S automatically.:hmm: