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13th Sep 2004, 07:48
Hi Guys,

Can somebody let me know the seat config for the MYT A330 in both economy and in the premium cabin?



13th Sep 2004, 08:48
Economy has about 29" of seat pitch where as "premiair" has about 36" of seat pitch and a bit of leather on the seat.

13th Sep 2004, 09:30
How about the layout? Is economy 3-3-3 and 'premiair' 2-2-2?

13th Sep 2004, 09:55
Premier(economy) the seating config is 3-3-3, In Premier gold its 2-3-2

El Grifo
13th Sep 2004, 10:02
Having just did an out and return from Vegas in a MYT 330 I can tell you that the back ten rows or so are 2 3 2 and their are some (terrible) 2 seat configs around the stair area leading to the toilet.

Check in the night before for the 2 3 2 area.

13th Sep 2004, 10:39
Heading out to Cancun next summer, and just wondering what the premium cabin was like, will probably book the seats if its any good.

13th Sep 2004, 12:38
You might find this useful:


Enjoy your trip!

13th Sep 2004, 13:40

It is not cheap (if memory serves me right it was about GBP 260 per person) but it worth to pay for Premiar Gold. Flown to Cancun last month with MYT and took a look back to economy cabin - it is very cramped 3-3-3 layout, leg space is a joke for 10 hrs flight. Premiar Gold seats is much wider and legspace is reasonable (I'm 195 cms tall).

B Sousa
13th Sep 2004, 13:58
El Grifo. I think the price is about the same. Next time try Virgin LGT/LAS. Works for me...........

13th Sep 2004, 15:05
Thanks chaps, have just spoken to tradewinds (who where going with) going to book the seats either later today or tomorrow.