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BAe 146-100
12th Sep 2004, 20:51

My dad's due to by flying kulula in a few weeks time. I was wondering what they are like, are they similar to Ryanair/Easyjet etc.

BAe 146

13th Sep 2004, 12:37
Thery are more like easy than Ryan. They are part of COMAIR and so their SOPS and maintenance are good. I used them several times on my last trip.

Their cabin announcements are a bit wacky and humourous but no probs.

"I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you any different." Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

13th Sep 2004, 13:10
The wackyness obviously suits the paint job :)


B Sousa
13th Sep 2004, 13:54
Very Good for Point A to B travel. I use them quite a lot between JNB/CPT. No Promises, No Frills, just travel.

14th Sep 2004, 10:46
my view is probably biased because i work for them but here goes. Same crew and standards as ba in south africa (same company, Comair, runs both brands), so top class outfit. Its run much the same way as the other low cost operations. Its doing very well, ie the public like us, so hope he has a good experience.
What flight number on what day?:ok:

17th Sep 2004, 12:19
For the record, I've flown with Kulula four times, three out of four the take off time was delayed by over an hour (with aircraft that were technical). At the beginning no seat numbers were issued so there would be a mad stampede to get into the aircraft. (Human beings can sometimes resemble sheep at times) Maybe I am a snob and maybe business class is my preferred travel of choice, but I did not enjoy the experience. Don't get me wrong, they do the job - they get you from point A to point B and that's that! If you don't expect anything other than that, you will not be disappointed.

27th Feb 2005, 16:43
Somewhere recently I read someone saying that they booked with Kulula but noticed that they flew on a Comair BA aircraft - a standard BA flight with full BA service. Very odd, I thought.

In looking up some SA domestics for my partner this week, I noticed that indeed there are some flights offered on the Kulula website's booking page that aren't actually Kulula-branded flights but BA-branded flights. These don't match any flights appearing in the Kulula timetable, but do match exactly - including flight number and all - with Comair's BA-coded flights. So, clearly, Kulula are just selling tickets for some of the BA-branded flights.

It looks like the ones to go for are the four digit flight numbers - these seem to be the BA flights. The three digit flight numbers are the Kulula flights.

But I can't guarantee that it'll save you any money over booking the BA code, and I suppose you won't get any FF points or benefits.

28th Feb 2005, 00:17
I've flown them once, no different from any other airline really except that you pay for anything that you want onboard.

Check-in was the same as a regular airline, seats were allocated, boarding was the same, only thing that was different was the announcements onboard. Anyone who has seen that email with the Southwest announcements will recognise every single one of them. :yuk:

They did the job of getting me from A-B for a reasonable price compared to SAA.

Couldn't fault them. I'd never flown with a Lo-Co before, but I would certainly fly with them again.


Sultan Ismail
1st Mar 2005, 02:10
KULULA experience

Flew JNB-DUR last July, pitched up at the Domestic Terminal at 6am and booked a flight for 2 days later, was offered a fare below the Internet fare, which was also 55% of BA fare and 50% of SAA fare.

As stated by others it is a Lo-Co (LCC) and you pay for snacks, just for the hell of it I had a 10 Rand Cappucino.

They delivered what they advertised, I went to Durban and I returned, the DC-9 (MD82?) brought back memories. Outbound I was next to the engines, on the return I was in the second row, it becomes almost a silent flight.

Three weeks ago I was in Europe and flew SWISS from Zurich to Heathrow, they operate their flights as Lo-Co in Europe and it shows.