View Full Version : E-coli bug found in BA inflight food

10th Sep 2004, 16:22
Someone just sent me this:
E-coli bug found in BA inflight food
By Paul Sims, Evening Standard
10 September 2004
The lethal food poisoning bug E-coli has been found in British Airways inflight meals, it emerged today.

Hundreds of dinners were immediately withdrawn from passenger planes after dangerous levels of bacteria were found in five dishes, according to the Mirror.

Tests on meals containing salmon and sausage showed they had high levels of the bacteria which can lead to kidney failure.

"No passengers came into contact with the food," said a BA spokesman, adding that some flights had to take off without enough food.

Gate Gourmet, which also prepares meals for Air France no longer uses supplier Nesco Foods, whose plant in Feltham has been closed awaiting environmental health inspection.

Glad to see they intercepted it before it turned into something really serious.

Ozzy (flying BA in November to the UK)