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10th Sep 2004, 12:11
What's happening to the Zurich flights from Luton with Easyjet? I have flown it before a couple of times and it has always been busy but it now seems that the route is being scrapped!

That puts a spanner in the works for the group skiing holiday I was organising to western Switzerland!


10th Sep 2004, 12:56
Old new but this is the story:

easyJet today announces that it has chosen to stop flying to Zurich, the most expensive airport in its network.

The Zurich to London Luton route was previously profitable, but this has been impacted by a ludicrous 132 % increase in passenger fees at Zurich in the last two years, and onerous operating restrictions. As a result, the route will move to Basel and the airline leaves Zurich after six years of operations.

easyJet recognises the demand for passengers to travel to and from northern Switzerland, and has found in Basel Mulhouse EuroAirport a management team that is also enthusiastic about low cost, and who are interested in further developing this market.

The last easyJet flight to Zurich will operate on Sunday 31st October, and the new twice-daily service to Basel will commence on Monday 1st November 2004.

Ray Webster, easyJet Chief Executive said:

"No airline likes to remove services from its network - but our focus on enhancing margins and reducing costs is relentless. Airports and their ground handling costs account for 32% of our total cost base - higher than most other airlines. This is a rip-off, particularly as our customers do not value the airport experience - they simply use them to get from A to B.

"In order to reduce costs we aim to work in partnership with airport operators to help them deliver the right infrastructure, services and charges demanded by today's travelling public. A very large number of European airports understand this arrangement; since the beginning of April, easyJet has started flying on 24 routes and announced a further 32 for the coming winter season.

"But other airports assume they can charge whatever they want, use 'cost-plus' pricing models, and charge for services that airlines don't want or use. This is 'old world' thinking. Airports need to live in the 'new world' and provide the right infrastructure at the right price.

"As Zurich Airport has now realised, if there is no realistic prospect of progress, we will take our business and passengers, elsewhere.

"At any one time we are talking to a number of airports about future services - to date we have six new European cities for this winter. We continue to search for airports that are willing to restructure, and want passenger growth. Airports that 'get-it' and grasp the new reality will be rewarded with growth from Europe's leading low-cost airline."

10th Sep 2004, 13:05
Thanks for that. I did do a search on here but couldn't find any information. Looks like I will be making alternative arrangements!



10th Sep 2004, 13:20
Is Basel and alternative for Zurich for skiing?

10th Sep 2004, 13:33
We were going to hire a minibus taxi from Zurich to Flims (near Chur). The cost wasn't too bad from Zurich but I think it will be pretty pricey from Basel which looks to be 3 times the distance?

Our other alternative would be Ryanair to Freidricshafen (Forgive the spelling) but again a taxi between countries could prove to be pricey again.

A friend has just pointed out that Swiss are doing Heathrow - Zurich for around 90 for the times we want which could be a viable alternative!



10th Sep 2004, 15:02
Have alook at http://www.helvetic.com/en/Default.aspx who fly to Gatwick

10th Sep 2004, 21:29
G'day SYWELL-FLYER. Yep it is a shame that we are culling ZRH from the EZY schedules as the flights are nearly almost full.

Forgive me for asking, but if you are planning a skiing trip to Western Switzerland, why were you flying to ZRH in the East? Surely GVA or LYS would be better?

I hope you get some decently priced flights organised.

11th Sep 2004, 09:05
ahem....I meant to say Eastern....doesn't bode well when I'm taking flying lessons!!!!