View Full Version : Jet Air ATR Pilots Go to court

10th Sep 2004, 10:51
Just FYI
The' professional ' Jet Airways has been discriminating against the Turboprop drivers ever since ,
policy is, squeeze till they scream and keep that level, while the Pamperd Boeing lot watches in Glee
sad that professionalism goes out the window and the individual benifits take Priority, May be it happens in all airlines all over the world and maybe not.
1 thing is for sure though Jet Sucks when u r on the ATR :mad:

sorry folks forgot to add that the Pilots have gone to Labour court to settle the dispute on seniority
ofcourse the management hates such publicity and will try to patch up with a surge of love (sudden )
Anything to please the Bosses.
Cheers all

Flying Mech
10th Sep 2004, 10:57
Hi Windtalker, where are Jet Airways based? I havent come across that name before. How many ATR crews have you?

10th Sep 2004, 11:40
Jet Airways India (http://www.jetairways.com/Cultures/en-US/About+Us/) I suspect given the origin of the OP.