View Full Version : Latest check-in times. What do they really mean ?

8th Sep 2004, 12:11
Prompted by seeing on the Ryanair website that check in opens 2 hours before a flight and closes "strictly" 40 minutes before.

Now as Ryanair usually have one desk per flight at places like Stansted, it often takes easily an hour to process a full 737 load, especially with a new hire on the job, or if there's a problem. And on a bad day at Stansted security it can then take an age there too.

So is it present yourself at the back of the queue by 40 minutes beforehand, or if you have queued for an hour and they don't process you in time, is that your problem ? Will they continue processing those already queuing but not take new arrivals ?

Factual answers hopefully :)

Scottie Dog
8th Sep 2004, 12:47
My understanding of the rule is that one should have 'completed' checkin by the time stipulated.

If you have joined the queue well in advance of the time then I would suggest that you need to flag your presence for a specific flight to a supervisor - assuming of course that you can find one!!

Scott Dog

8th Sep 2004, 13:10

Ryanair do dedicated queues for each flight so it's always apparent who is waiting for what. Obviously more of a problem in the situation you envisage where there is a "bulk" queue.

What I'm wondering is what happens when you get down to 40 minutes and there are still people in the queue, who have been there for quite some time.

8th Sep 2004, 14:17
You generally find that there are only a handfull of people inline at the end of checkin. So take the flight number off the over head when there are say 10 pax in line at -45. If there is a problem, another member of staff will usually open another desk.

You agree to arrive at the airport before -40min. If you cant then you have broken your contract with the airline and shouting and balling very rarely changes anything. If your late, its your fault.

13th Sep 2004, 11:30
As long as you are in the queue before -40 then you will get checked in. At -40 the signs above the checkin desk should be removed so as no late passengers can join the queue. The remainder of the queue is then checked in and the check in agents run away quickly before anybody comes running in screaming "Where's the --- check in?"

14th Sep 2004, 05:33
Just back from Oz and flew with VirginBlue Mel-Syd, and then on to Brisbane, and I was stunned at the number of people who arrived to checkin within a half hour to hour of their flights, and had to be called out of the queue to checkin. I know it's Domestic, but it seemed that the staff were happy to patrol the checkin and reward the latecomers with a rush service. So where does this end? Will security start speed processing, or ground engineering start to do a jog around? :yuk:

14th Sep 2004, 06:34
Check-in times.....

Well I just hate the whole waiting around doing nothing busness thats involved with flying these days. If I can I will use internet check-in or auto-machine check-in, so you have more flexability. If it says minimum check-in at the desk 30 mins before the flight then I will aim to be at the check in desk 45-50mins before. If it is 1 hour, then 1hr 15/20 mins before. I have arrived on time - Not my fault if the airline doesnt have the staff...why turn up 2 hours beforehand?? Sorry to those who think thats stupid, but Ive been flying too long now and waste enough time at airports these days as it is. My opinion is that all airlines should have internet check in 24 hrs before a flight with a quick bag drop usable up to 20-30 mins before departure if you have luggage... I try not to have luggage to check in if I can.

Ahh, but security takes ages these days I hear you say.....well for starters this is mostly window dressing as far as Im concerned when you consider what you can legaly take on a flight. But when you hear that there are now 'security taxes' at some airports, then to me if there are long security lines then the airport needs to get its act together. The airlines have all increased the minimum check in times in the last 2-3 years due to delays caused by security......this was the wrong way to go about it, what the airlines should have done was pressure the airports into training/hiring more security guys, after all some airports now charge an extra 'security tax', so where is the money going?

Just a few thoughts, sorry if it seems like a rant, Its not meant to be.

Regards, SD..

14th Sep 2004, 11:06
Security does not take ages nowadays. In my experience it takes about 30-60 seconds from first contact with the belt loader to walking away. And several passengers are in the process at once of course.

What takes the rest of the time is the confounded queueing, time completely wasted and not being used for security at all, because the airport authorities have not provided enough facilities, or as so often they have provided the facilities but do not provide the staff for them, so the security stations are closed.

I always count how many security stations are provided, and how many are manned. It is rarely more than half. The supreme irony is airports that in this situation put up notices saying they will soon be investing £millions in additional stations !

Wot No Engines
16th Sep 2004, 05:31
Re: Virgin Blue + Qantas domestic

They both permit a last checkin (hand luggage only) of 15 minutes before departure (30 mins with hold luggage). As it rarely takes more than 2 minutes to queue and get through security afterwards, this works fine.

Of course, as a result, those who are pushing this limit get dragged to the front of the check in queue !!

They have even started running "late check in" desks to assist here.

I rarely get to the airport more than 30 minutes before departure, and after over 100 sectors in a year, have not found the process to be painful.

5 sectors in the US and I NEVER want to go again if I can avoid it.

(experience is based on Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide mostly)

surely not
16th Sep 2004, 08:47
Fortunately pax all have different comfort zones for checking in. Those who want a chance of specific seats (not having pre booked them) or those in family groups wanting to sit together will arrive at check-in shortly after c-in opens.
Those who aren't really too fussed about their seats but don't want to leave it to the last minute will amble in with time to spare.
Those who hate airports, don't care where they are sitting, enjoy being in a rush, have no wish to shop at the airport, don't qualify for an airline lounge, turn up 10-15 minutes before c-in closure.

It's a healthy mix of attitudes, and one which is needed because there is no way in the world an airline, or handling agent, could check-in a full 757, or bigger, if they all turned up at once at -15mins. It is also doubtful if they could process the bags out to the aircraft in time given the distances involved, and the scrum as this tidal wave hit the boarding gate doesn't warrant thinking about.