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KC-10 Driver
8th Sep 2004, 00:16
Can anyone advise about any multi-airline ticketing websites in Europe? In the USA, we have several, such as expedia.com, orbitz.com, and travelocity.com.

I am planning a family holiday in Europe, which will include staff pass travel to a European gateway airport (courtesy of my previous airline employer -- US Airways). Once I arrive at my arrival city, I will want to find onward air travel.

I assume that a ticketing "clearinghouse" website similar to the US websites I mentioned above are a good way to start my planning.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.


8th Sep 2004, 06:38



are a few sites that come to mind.

Advice? - Bring an umbrella!


8th Sep 2004, 11:21
Where are you wanting to fly, though, within Europe? If you are having to pay for the intra-Europe flights and are attracted by the idea of our "burgeoning" low-fare sector, these sites may point you in the direction of the appropriate airline websites for the routes in which you're interested. Many of these airlines won't sell through the big online agents and you have to go to them directly.



("Burgeoning" - got to love that press-speak!)

8th Sep 2004, 13:24
Also, you may find that you cannot book with a USA based credit/charge card. Certainly, from the UK, trying to 'remotely' book in the USA by phone or web was impossible. They wanted me to be at the desk and hand the plastic over with my ID.

Accordingly, do check this aspect in the T&Cs right away. Having friends in the UK/Europe may not help as they (generally) like to have the card holder actually travelling.

KC-10 Driver
12th Sep 2004, 21:37
Thanks everyone.

I am just starting very preliminary planning. I most likely will fly US Airways to LGW, CDG or FRA, then purchase tickets onwards (assuming US Airways is still flying -- the company just re-entered bankruptcy today).

Not absolutely sure yet where we will go, but we have been trying to get to Dubrovnik for about two years now, and it never works out. I may surprise my wife and plan a vacation there sometime next spring or summer.