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5th Sep 2004, 14:10
Well It looks like EasyBaby is booked on Austrian/Lauda Airlines to MEL :O

This is my first trip out to the land down under and im very excited :p But what should i expect? Is there any tips on how to survive the long flight :uhoh: ? Could anyone tell me if its the 777 i'll be on?

Also im flying down to LHR with BMI is it possible to check in my hold luggage all the way to MEL, and could i possibly book my seats on Austrian with BMI since they are Star Alliance. I would like to have a window seat to check out all the countries i'll be flying over (anyone know which ones?) And finally, since the "Get EasyBaby to Australia Fund" only stands at 10 what chance of an upgrade from cattle class?! (I doubt showing them my classy airline id will do it!)

Please dont include too many horror stories about them as im doing this on my own and the nerves are begining to show already :\

Thanks for all your help!!
;) xx

5th Sep 2004, 20:25
EasyBaby :

The VIE-SIN-MEL flight is on a 777, with a 1.5 hour break in Singapore in the middle of the night. Get out, walk around, get plenty to drink, preferably just water. Plenty of good Oz wine and beer (and Bundaberg rum :D ) when you get there !

As I'm sure you know routings vary but a typical one will be over Hungary, Romania, The Black Sea, Sochi in Russia, Georgia, The Caspian Sea, Afghanistan, right across India, over the Bay of Bengal, Medan in Indonesia, and to Singapore. Thence on across Indonesia and right across Australia. I assume the 777s have PTVs for you to follow progress.

I don't know how much Austrian use the Lauda name nowadays, as Niki Lauda has started his own competitive Niki airline.

5th Sep 2004, 22:23
Don't worry.

Just last month I used them between LHR and SYD and I found the flights very nice.

The flight from Vienna to MEL will be operated by a 777. I will be honest and say that the seats are not the most comfortable seats I have ever sat in but they are bearable.

The IFE system is great. Lots of movies, games and maps so you shouldn't get bored easily.

The meals were lovely and I speak for every single onbe of them. they serve warm, fresh bread which is more than can be said for other airlines I have flown.

You shouldn't go thirsty either as the Cabin Crew are always handing out drinks. I lost count of the amount of times they came around.

Overall the Cabin Crew are friendly and helpfull so don't worry about that as I came accross some extremely wonderfull crew onboard those Lauda flights.

If you want an upgrade, I was told that you have to contact Austrian yourself and request it.

I think you will find that your journey will be pleasant.

rehards A340

6th Sep 2004, 14:37
EasyBaby: Is there any tips on how to survive the long flight?Globaliser's hints on sleeping on aircraft:- You need some comfortable eyeshades. Don't rely on the airline to hand out good quality ones in Y. See if you can blag some first or business class ones off someone who's been lucky recently. Otherwise, it's money well spent. You also need earplugs, as noise (esp of meal carts) is one of the things most likely to wake you up even if you don't want to wake up. I use the foam cylinder type, easy to get from Boots. You have to roll them tightly and then stick them into your ear before the expand to fill the space - the packet should have graphic instructions. If you've got cabin baggage under the seat in front of you, clear it out of there when you're ready to sleep. Put it under your legs - in fact, if it's the right size and shape it may even do footstool/legrest duty. Aim to get your feet as far forward as possible under the seat in front - all the way up to the baggage restraining bar if possible. Stick a pillow, blanket or sweater under your lower back to fill as much as possible in the triangular space between it and the seat, to support it. And remember to fasten your seat belt over your blanket if you're using one, so the cabin crew don't need to wake you up to check if the seat belt light has to be put on for turbulence during the cruise.That gets you as close as you can be in Y to being flat and horizontal in a single seat, and is the most comfortable position for sleeping - or at least it works magic for me.

pax britanica
6th Sep 2004, 17:12
I hope you have a pleasant trip

I flew a Austrian /Lauda triple seven to Sydney 18 months ago. OS A321 LHR-VIE and then the 777 VIA -SYD one of the best trips I have made and I have done a fair number. Transit in VIE was off one plane to find the 777 at the next gate.

Admitttedly it was J class ( special occasion for Mrs PB ) but the service was absolutely outstanding-excellent innovative food and great service. Flight also arrived at an odd off peak time for Sydney so breezed through formalities.

I did chat to a few Y class pax as I was so impressed with their J class ( and I have flown this route on BA SQ Malaysian and QF plus a few others) and they all seemed happy- esp about food and entertainment.

Have a great trip

As an aside the uniforms of the Lauda crew were very modern and stylish - the OS ladies while charming wore all red ( well I cannot vouch for the undies) but every visible item including shoes is bright red - striking but not flattering . That said tho they did a first rate job on the short hop to VIE

6th Sep 2004, 21:04
I'll backup what A340_rulez said... a good review. The bread is nice, and the coffee is the best I've ever had on a plane - nice and strong. The service was friendly (at least on my 4 sectors) and soft drinks came round throught the flight. Comfort was average... in all a good flight.

9th Sep 2004, 17:47
Cheers everone, im really look forward to this trip even more now!!

Whats the chances of getting an upgrade at check in though with my ID?

Not that im desperate to be upgraded, but more so i dont make a fool of my self with a "im crew do i get an upgrade now" speech, what tips have you guys got for that. Would a box of Ferrero Roche or a bunch of flowers work?! I just cant see getting upgraded is as easy as everyone make it out to be!


EB ;)

9th Sep 2004, 19:28
Oh, EasyBaby, the Bealine family just returned from Oz - yo'u'll love it and the "No Worries" culture!

You must make the effort another time, though, to actually stop off in Singapore. We stayed at the Changi Village Hotel for two nights and it wasn't nearly long enough! Fantastic clean city, lovely friendly people and classy shopping a-plenty!!!

Enjoy yourself!

13th Sep 2004, 18:45
I'm flying out to Sydney on Austrian later this month too as it was easily the cheapest option I could find. I have never flown outside Europe so thanks for the tips given in the thread.
I do have one question though. With getting the flight from Heathrow to Vienna and changing planes there, how easy is it to get a window seat on the flight from Vienna to Sydney? Will I be able to request it at Heathrow? Does anybody have any helpful advice for this at all?

13th Sep 2004, 19:07
You'll get a seat assignment for VIE-KUL-SYD when you check in at LHR.

In fact, if you phone up Austrian Airlines with your booking reference, you should be able to pre-book a seat.

13th Sep 2004, 19:11
Excellent, I shall try giving them a call the day before I travel and see what they say. I did have a look on http://www.seatguru.com/ but Austrian Airlines isn't listed!

14th Sep 2004, 08:22
Why not call them now (better chance of securing a decent seat)? You can always call again later and change the seat assignment.

At between 48 and 24 hours before the flight, the seating will move to "airport control", meaning reservatiuons will no longer be able to access it.

22nd Sep 2004, 16:43
I called them and sorted out a window seat. I can now tick off all the countries I fly over as they go by!
Thanks for the suggestions.

Nurse Betty
24th Sep 2004, 08:13
Lauda fly 777 to Oz, if you're flying y/c fly in aft - best crew-pax ratio in 2-4-2 config. Lauda provide nothing in way of shades, creams, tooth brushes so pack your own. Best aircraft is Charlie, newest 77 with decent seat pitch. Crew can be blunt but that is just a language barrier when going from German to English!

1st Oct 2004, 13:57
Hey, all just one more question! :rolleyes: Im still all set to go to Oz and have managed to pre book my seats as 42a on the way down to mel and 45a on the way up. The only problem is on the Lauda web site the seat map doesnt go up that far!! Am I being placed into the overhead, or is there a secret down stairs!!?

Oh and are these ok seats? they are quite far down the back which im glad as i can check out the view but the 777-200 is that the one that has the habit of fish-tailing? :yuk:

Will any fellow ppruners be on my flight on the 5nov?