View Full Version : WIWOLs -- LTF Mural

4th Sep 2004, 18:15
Any WIWOLs or anybody for that matter got a piture of the fantastic mural that used to adore the wall in the LTF crewroom at Binbrook. Did it make it into any books? After a copy to blow up into as big a format as quality will allow.

For those that have not been in the LTF crew room but might have Lightning memerobilia, it was a sort of "Those Magnificent Men in there..... " themed piece including a Lightning and a tanker aircraft.

I recal talk of getting a comercial artist to come and copy it before it was lost???

4th Sep 2004, 21:10
i was on 5 sqn but never went in LTF crewroom.what about a search on forces reunited to contact any LTF crew and see if anyone has a picture?