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2nd Sep 2004, 20:44
United Airlines has taken cockpit security a step further by adding a second fence barrier to the cockpit door.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) -- United Airlines plans to install steel cable barriers on its planes to block access from the passenger cabin to the flight deck when the cockpit door is open, government and airline officials said Wednesday.

It is the first voluntary move by a major U.S. carrier to take structural steps to restrict cockpit access beyond a post September 11 requirement by the government for airlines to install stronger cockpit doors.

Bankrupt United, the No. 2 airline, lost two planes in the 2001 hijack attacks.

Jeff Green, a United spokesman, said the secondary barrier resembles a fence that blocks the forward crew corridor from the passenger cabin. It can be locked into place when pilots leave the cockpit to use the restroom or receive meals.

The airline has been using wheeled beverage carts to block the cockpit entrance while the door is open.

"That was a short-term solution. The cart is not secured," Green said.

While its use is more likely on longer flights, the airline plans to install the barrier on all 500 of its planes. United tested the device on its Boeing 757 aircraft.

Green would not say how much the change will cost the company but said the project has been in the works for some time.

The Federal Aviation Administration recently approved the modification. U.S. transportation security officials have no authority over its installation or use but said they were aware of United's plans.

2nd Sep 2004, 21:49
Sounds alot smarter than today's STUPID solutions with passwords, codes and what have you. Stop them before the galley and stop locking pilots in like animals...

2nd Sep 2004, 22:42
Personally believbe UAL had better add a little to the bottom line of the balance sheet, otherwise they might dis-appear altogether.
When/if they sell the Pacific routes (ala PanAmerican) we will know for sure the end is indeed near...:uhoh: :uhoh: :uhoh: