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1st Sep 2004, 23:07
Query for the vast store of aviation knowledge and history that is the cornerstone of this forum.

Looking for information, bio, what-have-you on Michael Rundrup. I know he was Napier's Test Pilot and flew the record making high altitude flight in the Double Scorpion Canberra (WK163), also that he was the Test Pilot for the first flight of the PR.9 mark (a modifed PR.7), but can find little else about him.

Can anyone shed some light on his career? For example, was he involved in a Mosquito crash at Farnborough in 1944? I was asked this a few days ago but can find nothing about him except the gen in my Canberra books.

Thanks in advance. :ok:

4th Sep 2004, 11:37
So, it seems that no one knows anything about Rundrup then. Ah well, that's another buble burst. :(

9th Sep 2004, 10:32
Looks like you'll have to do your own legwork! ;) Here's a few pointers.

Try the aviation press archives for the period

The RAeS has an excellent library, and I believe if you contact them they'll be able to give you copies of contemprary reports

Your local library may / should have a newspaper archive - try around then.

Napier's had an archive - there may be an old boys network. See if you can track it down.

Where did he fly from? Try the airport. Again the old boys may have a resource...

The web's a wonderful thing, but sometimes you've still got to do your own graft. Hope this helps

James K

John Farley
9th Sep 2004, 16:03

The only thing I can help you with are dates and crew details of the four Farnborough Mosquito accidents during 1944

25 January 1944.
Flt Lt Granger and Plt off Gostling Aerodynamics research flight.

12 April 1944.
Sqn Ldr Moffet and Mrs Pierce Engine research flight.

22 June 1944.
Lt Cdr Brown Aerodynamics research flight

23 August 1944
Sqn Ldr Nelson and Mr Shirley Aerodynamics research flight.

So the answer would appear to be that your man was not involved.


9th Sep 2004, 19:32
Thanks John

The gen you listed is actually what I was after, Rundrup's name came up in connection with queries about these particular Mossie crashes. It's obvious there's no connection.