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31st Aug 2004, 20:33

can anyone tell me if virgin's new upper class suite has seats side by side (like a standard seat) or are they all diagonal??


Nigerian Expat Outlaw
31st Aug 2004, 21:19
They are staggeered, i.e. they all point towards the centre. The cabin crew have to change it into a bed for you, but it's very comfortable. Bottom line, no you don't EXACTLY sit side by side, but the seats/beds are nice and you can still talk to your missus when you are not sleeping. Better than BA !!

31st Aug 2004, 21:19

The Upper class suites are all diagonal ( with the ottoman allowing a dinner companion to join you for dinner).

However I think they are refitting the middle seats ( DG) on the lower deck of the 747-400s so that the divider between those seats can be lowered (for couples)



1st Sep 2004, 09:41
Cheers all

Whilst Virgin sound better and proberbly are, when you are flying with a slightly nervous passenger who has to sit along side you, yes BA has a divider between the two rearward seats but they are still together, it makes my life a tad more easier.