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PPRuNe Pop
30th Aug 2004, 20:22
Over the past few days it has, apparently, been difficult for some to understand that PPRuNe is NOT available for posting ANYTHING that is connected to, directly or indirectly, a commercial site or any blatant Links to a site which is advertising its services or an event or events, including airshows.

Generally, those who try to use PPRuNe for free advertising have already spent many hundreds of pounds on advertisements, but expect to post on the best aviation site in the world for free! It is just not allowed. But..........they CAN advertise on PPRuNe for a modest amount of money to help pay for the vast amount which Danny spends on it to keep it alive. We need the revenue from advertising to maintain the site and while I readily accept that you have a deep interest in Aviation History we will not allow links that will be to the financial benefit of others from being on PPRuNe. If the owners of those sites want to advertise on PPRuNe it could not be more simple. They just get a quote. Although, in general terms, it remains absolutely free to chat to your hearts content.

It is our policy therefore, that links which blatantly advertise a site which offers, a service, or promotes an event of any description, or items for sale, is against the rules you signed to uphold when you registered on PPRuNe and will be removed.

Please! No more links. You cannot think a reason why your post should be displayed that we haven't seen before. The rules have been made by Danny and all moderators work to them.

The following is taken from a recent post about a subject which most people on this forum are aware of. I repeat it now to avoid any further misunderstandings.

"There are many requests for large, and small, displays to be placed on PPRuNe every year and they are refused. The exception is the Shuttleworth Trust which we have rightly 'adopted' because it is, significantly, our aviation heritage and I felt that we should keep it in the available limelight of PPRuNe, Danny agreed. On the other hand we don't mind the ocassional 'fly-in' getting a mention but beyond that, no."