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Wango Z Tango
5th Aug 2001, 14:10
A couple of weeks ago i notice Air Transats L1011 sitting in a unusual spot on the ramp in LYS, and it has not moved since... so the other day i checked in a bit early and went over to investigate along with AF maintanace. I have never seen anything like it in my life !! it seems that the Capt flew right into a Thunderstrom 20 min after departure :eek:... and had to make an emergency return... the L1011 is a complete WRITE OFF. it must have ran into hail stones the size of basket balls,, broken windows,, destroyed ray dome,, and not just dents but holes in the leading edge and engine nac.
the local DGAC will not allow the machine to be moved..... my question is, does anyone know what happened to the Capt? (Jail? Fired?) :confused:

5th Aug 2001, 14:44
Don't make the assumption the capt/crew penetrated the core of the thunderstorm, hail most often is found in the peripheral areas (beneath the anvil), and is not easily seen on wx radar...most hail encounters are experienced while operating on the leeward areas (downwind) of convective weather...

5th Aug 2001, 18:49



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The Guvnor
5th Aug 2001, 20:08
F * C K!!!!!!

Now I see why the windscreens cost $60,000 each. I'll bet the Captain was really cr*pping himself - no wonder they returned, pronto.

Was this a -500 or one of the -150s?

6th Aug 2001, 04:46
I thought you were all genned up on Tristars.
"Was this a -500 or one of the 150s?"
All the 500's I have seen have a fairing from the top of the fuselage to the bottom of the intake of #2 engine. Have a look at the photo of that area. ;)

6th Aug 2001, 05:16
Tango, you probably haven't flown alot in the vincinity of thunderstorms or you would know where the hail should be. No one was fired because these things are called accidents and the people on the A/C had alot of experience. Beleve me if they had seen it they would of avoided it. The A/C was one of the oldest on the fleet and was on it's way for retierment next year. So I gess it just goiing to be sooner.

Guv, You should make AT an offer !!!!!!!!! :D

The Guvnor
6th Aug 2001, 10:27
Innuendo - and indeed I do see the Frisbee fairing - which is also fitted to some -40s, 50s, 100s, 150s, 200s and 250s! But wait! -500s don't have doors aft of the wing, do they? Well yes, some do (look at ATA's ex RJ aircraft, which were modified with 4L/R doors from 'longbody' aircraft. I don't know if the Canadian DOT requires the same mod on Air Transat's high density fit.

Which was the reason I asked the question! :D :rolleyes: :D

6th Aug 2001, 11:50
GUV, it was one of their 150s, C-FTNA :cool:

Mr A Tis
6th Aug 2001, 13:21
Aha, I saw the L1011 in LYS, wondered why it had been abandoned. Having arrived in LYS on an E145,how the little Barbie would have faired in such a storm, idread to think :eek:

The Guvnor
6th Aug 2001, 14:30
Thanks, Avman!

6th Aug 2001, 21:46
I must stand corrected. I suppose to conclude because you have never seen it, it does not exist, is asking for it.
Regards, Innuendo

Moonbeam Purple
6th Aug 2001, 23:19
Another a/c from SAS which penetrated a hailstorm recently close to HEL.



7th Aug 2001, 01:24
Guv, you can also tell if it is NOT a -500 by the fact that it has the port underfloor window ahead of the wing. No -500's have the lower galley. I know I worked down there for two years on the 100's.

7th Aug 2001, 22:58
jeese, can't you guys just answer a question without throwing a hissy fit and trying to show how much smarter you are than the rest of the world? Just say "it's a 500 or a 150 and leave it at that. I punish my kids for this kind of behaviour.

8th Aug 2001, 00:17
...air prox---
And of course you are correct Wondered when someone would notice this. With the FAA, a walkaround inspection is required for the new Captains' type rating, and EVERY item is fair game, including the wheel wells. If you don't know the facts, its FAIL time before you ever get into the aircraft.

8th Aug 2001, 01:46
For the spotters the No3 engine spinner is a 22B not a 524 so not 500 !

Flat Erik
8th Aug 2001, 02:04
Blah blah blah.

Lessons to those who watch, read and listen.....
Including myself, but not those that know everything!

Cheers anyway WZT!

8th Aug 2001, 06:38
the capt. wasn't fired, "au contraire", he's back up where he belongs, flying L1011s...
conditions of occurence: IMC, FL170 climbing, on deviations for Wx...
MOF, I think the crew did a great job bringing it back!
...guess I wouldn't want you to be my chief pilot... ;)

The Guvnor
8th Aug 2001, 11:06
Thanks for all that - I missed the UFG window completely and wouldn't know the difference between a -22B and a -524 spinner if it hit me on the head! :D :D :D

That's the great thing about PPRuNe - you learn something new every day!

Uncle Cracker
14th Aug 2001, 21:20
Hi - sorry I'm late. Speaking as someone who was in row 13 when this happened, I wish to bring the following to everyone's attention.
I don't care what series L1011 it was, what the captain is doing now or where we were in the storm when the hailstones hit: new underwear was required on arrival LYS and that is the last time I sit in row 13.

15th Aug 2001, 07:54
it's bad enough that the media, the governing bodies (DOT, MOT, FAA etc...)
and sometimes our own employers try to blame the crew in events like this, I think that, at least, fellow pilots should get the facts straight before judging and give the benefit of the doubt, IMHO

15th Apr 2005, 12:24
that is the last time I sit in row 13

Why? Row 13 won't crash without the rest of the aircraft. :D

15th Apr 2005, 12:31
.....but it WILL crash later.

PPRuNe Pop
15th Apr 2005, 13:21
Who let the Guvnor out of jail? :yuk:

15th Apr 2005, 13:30
Check the dates, this thread has been revived from 2001!

Ignition Override
16th Apr 2005, 05:07
Can we see hail on radar? We have operated near (sometimes thirty miles or more from downwind side) thunderstorms every spring and summer-in the southern and eastern US. When I was an FO it might have been only once, but can't remember any Captain ever describing what hail looks like on radar, unless it looks like water. Somewhere I read that it has been detected upwind of certain huge thunderstorms.

On a color radar, would it be yellow or red? How does it look with the naked eye, like a mist? :uhoh: