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30th Aug 2004, 11:49
Well done the flight Crew (flight deck and cabin included) on a recent flight from ORD, delayed by ATC and LHR congestion, for keeping everyone in the picture. The best announcement was 'Ladies and Gentlemen, on your left hand side, the detached property with a large garden - that's Buckingham Palace'. :}

31st Aug 2004, 06:58
Left-hand side?

31st Aug 2004, 16:26
Llademos (Do you mean "LLAMEDOS" if you're from the Manor of "Soddem Hall" - teehee).

I quite agree that injecting a little humour (as long as the pudding is not over-egged) can break the tedium of a long flight! However, sometimes it's the unintentional remark that's the fuinniest. For example:

"Thank you for flying United Airlines. We do hope you've enjoyed the flight as much as we enjoyed taking you for a ride!!!"

31st Aug 2004, 17:40
Heard a couple of months ago, on a Virgin flight, (from Lagos) shortly after arrival at Heathrow.

"Thank-you for flying Virgin. To the passenger who left a disgusting pile on the floor of the toilet in economy, we suggest you see a doctor as soon as possible, and in future, we would be grateful if you would fly British Airways"


1st Sep 2004, 21:54
Bealine ... yes, should have been Llamedos, but I'm slightly dislek .. dyslec ... can't spell very well. It was too late by the time I relised.:rolleyes: