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5th Aug 2001, 10:16
DANIA BEACH, FLA. - A Canada 3000 jet made an
emergency landing in Florida Saturday night after
one of its engines caught fire.

There were more than 100 people on board. One
passenger was hurt sliding down a chute
attached to an exit, according to airport officials.

The plane, which landed around 9 p.m. ET, was
on its way from Cuba to Montreal when it ran into

The pilot reported that one of the jet's two
engines was on fire about 20 minutes after taking
off, authorities said.

The cause of the fire was not known.

It was not immediately clear when the
passengers would be able to continue their
journey to Canada.

Written by CBC News Online staff

5th Aug 2001, 16:57
I wonder what the type would be. Last time a friend of mine flew Candian 3000 from Sydney to Vancouver had to stayed overnite in Honolulu due to technical problem. It was its Airbus 330 by the way.

5th Aug 2001, 17:30

5th Aug 2001, 19:20
"One passanger was hurt sliding down a shoot attached to an exit" Bet ya they would have been more hurt if it wasnt attached to the exit! :)

Kermit 180
6th Aug 2001, 11:32
Better to make an emergency landing than a crash landing. A 737-200 sounds a little too small for such a trip. Do Canada 3000 do charter stuff?

Kermie :eek:

Squawk 8888
6th Aug 2001, 18:05
Report in paper today didn't say type, but no way is Cattlecar 3000 going to fly an A330 with only 111 people on board. The 737 would be one acquired in the takeovers of Royal & Canjet. The original 3000 fleet- 757, A320 and A330- were all acquired brand new, the 757s being the oldest A/C from the startup in the mid to late 80s.

6th Aug 2001, 18:35
The 737-200 shown on the news looked like an ex-Royal 737. Yes, those airplanes routinely fly from South Florida up to Canada - Cuba is not much further....

7th Aug 2001, 08:16
I work for Hudson General as a ramp rat at YYZ and this is not the first occassion of a Royal Airlines (now CMM)A/C having engine trouble. A Royal 757 (YYZ to MAN)had to shut down an engine over Hopedale Nfld.due to a fire not too long ago.

7th Aug 2001, 16:55
Apollo - are you refering to the incident back in 1998 when a Glasgow bound 757 made a precautionary landing at Goose Bay because of engine troube? If I remember correctly there was no fire and I don't think the engine was even shut down. Could be a different incident though.

However, in 1998 there was an uncontained failure on a Royal 727 during a takeoff roll.

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Squawk 8888
7th Aug 2001, 23:45
I remember the '98 incident- it was shortly after my first solo and I had to cancel a session because they made their fuel dump directly above our practice area :mad: The 727s have always been a source of grief for Royal- they were all pretty long in the tooth, got rid of the last of them a couple of years ago.

10th Aug 2001, 06:04
I saw the aircraft on TV landing in Fort Lauderdale (sp?) with the starboard engine still on fire. It looked like they blew four tires on landing but everyone walked away. I would say that the crew did an excellent job getting the plane on the ground. Anytime that you land with the indications that the fire is still burning has got to be one of the most difficult situations that we can face. When you take into account that it was a new route for the Royal guys, an unfamilliar area and at night my hat goes off to them. :cool: :cool: :cool: