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28th Aug 2004, 23:56
Does anyone know how to obtian a password for the site. about 12 months ago, there was no password on it ?

29th Aug 2004, 01:26
Their site seems to be seriously screwed up. Try Seatguru.com

29th Aug 2004, 11:04
The site is closed down. It used a couple of backdoors to provide the info but these were closed so the site became obsolete. Not quite sure why the site owner made it password protected rather than just dispalaying a message.

29th Aug 2004, 17:37
The most useful feature of this site was that it displayed the availability for a partigular flight, showing the number of seats (max 9) available in each fare (letter) class.

This made booking a multi leg trip (with specific fare class restrictions) easier.

Did not have to spend hours on the phone to travel agents / airlines.

Does anyone know where this information can be obtained on the internet now ?

1st Sep 2004, 11:46
It's not as easy now, but there are places.

Direct internet sites to try:-
http://flyaow.com/classual.htm (This one calls the UA site, so you will always get UA flights along with others. The interface allows you to select far more airlines to display than the UA site itself allows, so it's a little bit of a hack, really.)
http://flyaow.com/classamex.htm (This provides a similar display through the AMEX site, but ultimately the data is supplied by the same GDS.)

Or you could go to this page (http://www.stud.ntnu.no/~hartberg/ft/SabretoolSetup.htm) and download a small tool from there. The web interface that the tool calls is a travel agent's website in Germany (so gives German market availability), and has apparently been developed by one of the IT people working there. To reduce the traffic on the website, the tool works for 2 hours in every seven (ie it's up for 2 hours and down for 5 hours in a cycle).

To check its legitimacy, have a look at this thead from "another BB" (http://www.flyertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=9565) which also has lots of hints as to how to use it. There is another tool which is also mentioned in that long thread, but I've never tried it.