View Full Version : B-25 MITCHELL Over Kent today?

27th Aug 2004, 21:45

Apologies in advance for starting another “what did I see?” thread, but curiosity has gotten the better of me after much head scratching.

Around 17.05 today, whilst queuing in traffic at Swanley Kent, I noticed a twin-engine “bomber” flying away from me at low altitude in the direction of the A2 motorway. I only got a quick glimpse as cloud cover was low and didn’t fancy rear-ending the car in front.

As I only got a rear view I’m reluctant to make a guess as my knowledge of types such as this is woefully lacking, but not being one to miss out on a chance to fall on my own sword of stupidity I’ll go for a B-25 Mitchell, anyone confirm?

If persons involved with said aeroplane read this I’d like to convey gratitude for diverting my attention away from thumping the steering wheel, I didn’t get to see her for too long due to clouds but the sound was glorious!


(dons cabbage-retardant clothing in case of erroneous guess…)

28th Aug 2004, 10:25
Might well have been a Mitchell, on Thursday the BofBMF Lanc, Spit and Hurricane landed at Biggin, to/from airshows I believe over the Bank Holiday weekend. So quite possible other interesting aeroplanes could have been in the area too.