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27th Aug 2004, 13:42
Just looking for some opinions, flying BA club in Jan on the 744. Just wondering where is better to sit. Upstairs or downstairs.

Ive heard the upstairs regularly gets quite hot. Or is that just a rumour?


Wannabe Flyboy
27th Aug 2004, 14:07
According to the FlyerTalk BA forums upstairs is much better than downstairs. Seat 62K is a good one too.

27th Aug 2004, 16:59
I fly the BA B744 in Club World frequently and would recommend upstairs for the following reasons: *quieter, *better fa-pax ratio, *better bog-pax ratio, *better control of own security (near flight deck door to make sure no dick head gets close), *more space around seat for working - at window seats anyway (with side cupboards being a convenient desk extension). Never found temperature to be a problem.

I'm ex spotty M myself, how are things going over there ?

28th Aug 2004, 04:55
The temperature thing should be readily controllable, I'd have thought. Obviously I've never been able to measure noise levels, but I've always considered upstairs to be slightly noisier than the main cabin in all areas apart from the nose and well to the rear, with the back end of the aircraft by far the noisiest. Upstairs usually has nice cubby holes at the back where you can stash prodigous quantities of carry-on bags. My preference? Whatever seat I can out of first and have a flying start for the immigration queues....

28th Aug 2004, 08:28
Upstairs for sure. On main deck it can seem a bit like a dormitory in Club, and the galleys never seem to be quiet.

Not noticed heat being a problem either.

Where you off to? Enjoy it wherever it is.

cheers ;)


29th Aug 2004, 14:05
Upstairs every time. Even when it was SAA with Econo up there, it was still better.

"I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you any different." Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

30th Aug 2004, 08:16
Just being curious (I rarely fly Club, or 747's, or longhaul) - I take it that the prospect of an evacuation from the upper deck doesn't concern you all unduly? I've been up there 3 times (in my life!) and get twitchy each time: This is also a concern with A380 - am I being a bit of a wuss about this?

30th Aug 2004, 10:34
Ahh, come on tightslot! How often do A/C have to make a full evac? Even so, if it were to happen to you, if sure you would not think twice of jumping down that slide if flames were likcing at your back!

Wuss I say ;) hehe!

Also, thanks to everyone who has posted on this....

Wannabe Flyboy, couldnt get the 62K seat, have got 61 K instead.

Skibeagle, no longer at Monarch either, left last summer. thanks for asking tho :)

Formerflyer, off to Vancouver. Love that city!

Thanks again everyone!

31st Aug 2004, 14:19
What follows is purely subjective and with no basis in experience!

I am not worried about an evac from the upper deck of any 747 as the number of pax is limited. The height does not bother me, as it was built when rules were rules.

On the 380, I am not so sure that I will want to travel upper deck, due to the quantity of people making their way out of doors and slides made under 'new' rules that are 'better' than the previous rules.

That said, if I do ever face an evac, I know that the greatest risk is my fellow pax, not the doors and slides. We have discussed this a number of times in here.

"I tell you, we are here on Earth to fart around, and don't let anybody tell you any different." Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.

1st Sep 2004, 11:30
MonarchA330: couldnt get the 62K seat, have got 61 K instead.If you can't get 62K, I'd actually recommend 64K instead if you can get that. 61K is a climb out seat, whereas 64K has its own little passageway around the head end of 64J. The only potential downsides are the fact that it's next to the side wall of the loo and nearer the galley, but on the couple of occasions that I've been lucky enough to be put there neither has bothered me. It's a lovely private little space.

7th Sep 2004, 01:20
Managed to get 62K flying LHR to JFK last week. Excellent seat, upper cabin was very quiet, whole flight was excellent! Will certainly try to get 62K for the return flight at the weekend.

7th Sep 2004, 02:06
I have flown many times on BA 747-400s and I would strongly recommend the top deck.

As has been mentioned - more spacious, quieter, a more personal service.

If I could describe it in any particular way - I would say it's rather like flying somewhere in your own lounge in your favourite armchair.

PS. Thank you to all the great crew who have looked after me so well on all of those trips overseas !

7th Sep 2004, 07:46
Had the pleasure of 62A on a flight HKG-LHR a few days ago.....this is the one to beat, total privacy and incredibly easy access in and out.

(An added bonus is you can subtley flirt with the stunner in 63B)

7th Sep 2004, 08:49
Would 62K be classed as an ABP seat???

7th Sep 2004, 10:23
Main deck will always have World Traveller pax wondering through to have a nose, and stretch their legs, and their kiddies too.

Use the upper deck!