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26th Aug 2004, 09:28
Just a note for those in the travel industry... I work in for a 150k employee multinational that uses BTI (BTI Hogg Robinson in the UK, for example.) Travel arrangers are now starting to use "Smart travel", provided by BTI. The tool forces travellers to use the lowest fare available within a couple of hours of the desired departure time, unless they want to get approvals from higher execs for exceptions. (Our company does not require any particular approval for individual trips within rules that are programmed into Smart travel.)

The latest development is that Easyjet is included. Yesterday I used them for the first time for Geneva - Orly on a day trip, for 99 Swiss Francs all inclusive (about 43 pounds, 49 euros, $55), and was perfectly satisfied, especially compared to the less-comfortable option with Swiss to CDG. Our offices are equidistant from both airports. No lounge access on the way back, but I arrived at Orly just in time in any case. Both flights were on time and full.

I would urge majors to be conscious of these developments and to do their utmost to match LC airlines rates when cutting corporate deals. I realize that BA refuses to cut a corporate deal with my company, so I suppose this is a message for others who are more flexible. It is clear that we will be moving substantial business to Easyjet as they further develop Geneva. I can't say that that bothers me in any way.


30th Aug 2004, 19:28
Thanks for the input Momo.

The only problem is, on your return fare of 55, Easy will make a net loss of approx 72.

From BA's point of view, is your company's business really worthwhile? 150m of loss-making revenue is horse-spit really!

Boss Raptor
30th Aug 2004, 19:46
I know of a large multinational pharma company that introduced a similar system for travel procurements until staff began complaining big time about the airlines (service, reliability, routings) they were being pushed to travel on by the travel company in-house travel arranger - now they have a list of airlines on which they wont place there staff on - it's not all about the lowest fare even at large corporations and is still very much about service and choice

Final 3 Greens
2nd Sep 2004, 06:23

You make an interesting point, but bear in mind one of the downsides of locos, i.e. flights canx.

Locos can and will cancel flights in line with their T&Cs.

easyJet have left me at an airport downline, closed their local office and gone home, saying come back tomorrow and we will try and fly you then.

It's in the T&Cs and there's nothing that you can do about it.

At least with a full service carrier, you can be reticketed on a different route, as I was by Alitalia last week - even though I did not appreciate the 4.5 hour queue, I did get to my destination the same day.

The only time I use easy on business is on a domestic route from my local airport, where they are the only option.

I find the experience pretty good, but no way will I risk a repeat of being stranded abroad again and if it was outbound, I might even be sued for breach of contract if I arrived substnatially late.

Runway 31
2nd Sep 2004, 16:55
After last week and the goings on at BA. I do not know how anyone can complain about the reliability of their low cost competitors.

Final 3 Greens
2nd Sep 2004, 18:15
Runway 31

Whatever you feel, the fact is that I have been left at an airport (in Europe), with no assistance, by easyJet and never by a full service carrier, including British Airways. If BA had done it to me, I would cross them off my fly list too.

3rd Sep 2004, 06:23
When BA (or any full-service carrier) cancels a flight for reasons other than weather, the pax will be looked after. Whilst it may well be that the airport does not have the facilities to cope with huge numbers of pax and that they are referred to a telephone reservations line, but they will be transferred to other services, given food and accommodation where necessary (once again, it could be on a "buy now, submit a claim" basis) and not left stranded!

Lo-cos can and do leave pax in the lurch!

Rwy in Sight
3rd Sep 2004, 08:30
How often do LoCO cancel a flight leaving pax out in the cold? By using all the money you save over time you could afford good accomodation and food at a destination you are left behind. On the other hand the peace of mind that you would be taken care of is important but at what price?

Some thoughts...

Rwy in Sight

5th Sep 2004, 13:23
Well, as someone else is paying, if EZY/S or anyone else cancels, I just phone BTI and get the next flight on some other airline, sometimes having to fly via some intermediate stop. That's a really rare occurence, whatever the airline. In the last few years, I can only remember having two flight cancellations, out of well over 100 flights. Not bad. Not worth always reserving on some supposedly more reliable airline, in case I have to change at the last minute and maybe pay more.

Ex GVA, there are a number of destinations that only EZY flys to direct. Got to go to Budapest in a couple of weeks, and they are the only direct airline. Easy choice.


Final 3 Greens
6th Sep 2004, 18:48

Nice theory, except that full service airlines are sometimes lower cost than locos.

Recent examples in my experience include BA/easyJet (Athens), Alitalita/Ryanair (Pisa) and bmi/Ryanair (Venice.)

The BA fare was booked 4 weeks in advance the Alitalia 3 and the bmi 7 months.

Sometimes the locos are the best deal, but it's a non sequitur and needs checking out, before deciding what service provisions you will accept.