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PPRuNe Radar
25th Aug 2004, 07:59
Due to a threat of legal action, this thread has been temporarily removed so that the claims of the 'plaintiff' can be reviewed and IF (and ONLY if) necessary, appropriate editorial changes made.

The thread will be returned as soon as those in the PPRuNe Towers have had the time to ensure that the site is protected. This will be done as soon as possible and we can assure readers that, unless legally obliged to do so, there is no intention of this thread disappearing in its entirety.

Thanks for your patience whilst we consider our position.

25th Aug 2004, 10:20
Following the closure of a certain forum relating to an airline which must unfortunately remain un-named, this forum is opened to continue the closed discussion

For legal reasons, we ask everyone posting to not name this airline, simply to refer to it as "PaddyAir"...

No, this is not in relation to Aer Lingus....

Please abide by this, using not abbreviations or direct references that may associated your post with the name of this airline in question

We hope this should keep the good people at PPRune out of the firing line

25th Aug 2004, 10:22
UNNamed Irish Airline Discussion Forum...

just opened...two can play at his game

25th Aug 2004, 10:56
Will Pprune management block any future advertising by said unnamed airline as a measured response to unnamed airlines threat of legal action. Actually can't remember last time I saw an advert for unnamed airline on this site!

25th Aug 2004, 11:22
Somehow or other I didn't post anything on the original thread, although I came close to it. Some posters managed to put into words what I felt like saying much better than I could've. Now it appears I don't have a choice in the matter. I appreciate the legal threat to the safety of this board, but I am somewhat miffed that a foreign company is stopping free speech on a U.K. board. What about our 'human rights'? I could rant on for ages now that I've started. I shall only say that someone, somewhere, realises that they have overstepped the mark and that in their not being capable of backing down, is immanently facing defeat.

25th Aug 2004, 11:22
I very much doubt the CEO of Unnamed airline would want to advertise, i.e. recruit ppruners to be honest!

25th Aug 2004, 11:34
What about our 'human rights'?
You think the un-named individual in charge of a certain un-named airline would care?

25th Aug 2004, 12:08
free to join the union if we want to and now freedom of speech.how nice of those guys in ryanair to rewrite the constitution and allow us our rights.

25th Aug 2004, 12:15
What a nice state of things we're coming to. Firstly, bullying around like "I don't care" and then censorship inside and outside his turf.
Come on guys, what else do you need to stand up and fight.

Unless, you're into an SM ride , you should be all be in BALPA/IALPA by now.

If you think you're to weak to face the bull, let the union face it. That's what they're here for...:ok

25th Aug 2004, 12:52
Oki guys!

Where do we go now? Anyone got a spare forum. :mad: is going to get his balls :mad:

PPRuNe Radar
25th Aug 2004, 15:13
No one has said that we agree with the demands placed on us nor that we unequivocally accept the case being made by legal representatives of the 'plaintiff'. Indeed, no one from PPRuNe has actually said who that actually is. ;)

The thread has only been removed as a precaution whilst our our own team examine its contents in the light of the accusations being made about it.

Should we decide that there is no case to answer and that we are able to rebuff any legal moves which could result, then it will be returned here in its entirety.

On the other hand, if there are parts of the legal representation being made which we do agree with or have no choice but to comply with, then we will edit the relevant posts and return the whole of the edited thread here.

It is not the intention of PPRuNe to stifle the debate, nor are we being bullied to do so. Simply that we are taking a time out to give ourselves ample opportunity to ensure that we are legally in the clear.

Please note that comments about free speech and human rights are largely worthless here. The final arbiter on the degrees of freedom offered here is Danny, and these 'freedoms' can be curtailed as is his right. After all, as legal owner of the site, it is him that will face any repercussions if the law is broken, not those who make comment as a sign of their freedom of speech. There are many avenues to make your voice heard and no one at PPRuNe will deny your human rights or freedom of speech via other channels.

Once again, I would ask for peoples patience on Danny's behalf whilst we spend some time reviewing the thread and our intended actions.